Skull and Bones Early Gameplay and Everything We Know

Skull and Bones gameplay teaser is a real treasure

Originally announced back at 2017’s E3 conference, Ubisoft has finally released new information on its multiplayer pirate game, Skull and Bones. Part survival game, part PvP experience, Skull and Bones takes a dark and gritty approach with innovative new gaming systems. Here’s everything we know about Skull & Bones including early gameplay footage.

What is Skull and Bones?

Skull and Bones is a third-person, open-world, pirate survival game. You start the game as a destitute wanderer and build up your wealth and gear to become the ultimate pirate captain.

Skull and Bones Cinematic Trailer via Ubisoft

You start with a basic ship, spear, and must collect and upgrade your equipment and ship in Sainte-Anne, on the coast of the Indian Ocean. You will receive contracts from different factions and this all helps you build your fleet and craft different pieces of equipment. Soon, you’ll receive enough money to upgrade your ship, get more crewmates, and purchase new weapons.

Pirate captains become more famous by gaining Infamy, a stat in the game that you gain more of as you journey throughout the world and complete quests. Much of the game revolves around building your fleet and upgrading your ships. We’re excited to see how nuanced the customization gets here.

Skull and Bones Early Gameplay Screenshot via Ubisoft

Skull and Bones Gameplay

In Skull and Bones, faction members hand out quests and you travel out on your ship to complete those missions for precious resources and currency. Unlike other games in the genre, you and your party members control an entire ship, all with their own crew. This makes battles feel larger and more impactful. Another distinguishing factor is that your “gear” isn’t there to improve your character, it’s there to enhance your ship. In a sense, you are your ship in Skull and Bones.

To put it bluntly, the game looks really fun. There are a variety of weapons like flamethrowers, mortars, ballista, and cannons. You can multi-task between positions on your ship, which gives you greater control. The action is fast-paced and feels epic and it seems like there will be global events and side quests to keep you busy.

While you can play the game solo, it is really meant to be a group experience. According to the developer, “The best way to play Skull & Bones is with friends.”

Watch the gameplay footage below:

Skull and Bones Gameplay Trailer via Ubisoft

What Platforms is Skull and Bones Going to Be On?

Skull and Bones has been confirmed for a PlayStation 5, Xbox series X|S, and PC. 

How Can I Play Skull and Bones? 

Skull and Bones is currently in a closed beta called the Insider Program. You can sign up on their official website here

Skull and Bones releases on November 8, 2022. (Update: The Skull and Bones Release Date has been pushed back to March 9, 2023. Read more.)

While they haven’t made the details clear on who could gain access, those that make it into the Insider Program will be able to play early-access versions of the game and help the developers work out kinks and bugs. 

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