Skull and Bones Ship Customization: Types, Weapons, and Armor

In Skull and Bones, your main loadout belongs to your ship. Here's what you need to know about Skull and Bones Ship Customization.

The Skull and Bones developers just gave us an exciting update on some of the customization you’ll have access to in Skull and Bones, the new pirate survival game developed by Ubisoft. Unlike similar games in the genre, when you raid, you choose your ship and your ship’s equipment. Here’s what you need to know about Skull and Bones ship customization

Skull and Bones Ship Customization 

Ship Categories and Ship Types in Skull and Bones

In Skull and Bones, there will be various ship types that you’ll select based on your mission objectives and goals. Some ships will be better for transporting goods, while others will have more firepower. In addition, the game will feature a Perks system. Each type of ship will have a Perk, which gives it a unique attribute or stat. 

Here are the different ship categories for Skull and Bones: 

  • Cargo ships have poor handling but are sturdy. 
  • Navigation ships are the fastest and used for long-range travel. 
  • Firepower ships have the most firepower, but lack cargo space and navigation. 
Skull and Bones Ship Customization
Image via Ubisoft

Each type of ship will fall within these categories. The best and worst vessels for each task will become more apparent once the game is released. 

Here’s a list of the current ship types in Skull and Bones: 

  • Bedar
  • Brig
  • Brigantine
  • Corvette
  • Ghanjah
  • Hulk
  • Padewakang
  • Sambuk
  • Sloop
  • Snow

Skull and Bones Ship Weapons

There are various weapons in Skull and Bones that all have different effects on the enemy ship. For instance, some weapons might have a slower reload time, less range, or more damage. There will be various attributes per weapon type in Skull and Bones. 

Here are all the weapon types in Skull & Bones as well as their sub-types: 


  • Demi Cannon: A powerful short-range scattershot cannon that does explosive flooding damage. 
  • Long gun: An accurate long-range cannon that does blunt or fire damage. 


  • Blasting Mortar: Large area of effect but slow and deals explosive damage. 
  • Siege Mortar: Small area of effect but high damage and deals crushing damage.
  • Repair Mortar: Fires oakum bombs to repair allied ships.


  • Siege Bombard: Precise, high-damage projectiles in a reduced area that deals piercing damage.
  • Flaming Bombard: Shoots firebombs that deal high fire damage.
  • Repair Bombard:  Fires oakum bombs to repair allied ships.


  • Multi-bolt Ballista: Fire an innacurate bundle of bolts, dealing massive flooding damage.
  • Twin Winch Ballista: Uses twin-winches for long-range charged shots that deal piercing damage.


  • Revolver Rocket: Fires one shot at a time and deals piercing damage.
  • Field Rocket: Long-range quick rocket that deals explosive damage.


  • Quick Release : Deals flooding damage.
  • Explosive : A variation of the Quick Release torpedo that deals explosive damage.

Greek Fire

A short-range flamethrower that throws fire at enemy ships.

Skull and Bones Ship Customization
Image via Ubisoft

Skull and Bones Ship Armor

In addition to having customizable ship types, sizes, and weapons, you’ll also get access to a variety of different “attachments” or ship armors that will help you in your raids. 

Here’s a list of the ship armor available in Skull and Bones: 

Reinforced Wood Armour

Strong against piercing and crushing attacks but weak against flooding or fire attacks.

Metal Armour

Strong against blunt and crushing damage but weak against piercing and fire.

Spiked Metal Armour

A heavier and spiked variation of metal armour that increases ramming damage.

Terracotta Armour

Strong against flood or blunt damage but will crumble when damaged by explosive or crushing attacks.

Stone Armour

Strong against piercing and fire damage but beware of explosive and crushing damage.

Leather Armour

Strong against explosive and fire damage but will tear when faced with piercing or flood damage attacks.

In addition to having ship armor, you’ll also have access to Furniture, which will grant your ship buffs and allow you to craft different equipment. Stay tuned as more details are released about furniture in Skull and Bones. 

Skull and Bones Ship Customization
Image via Ubisoft

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