Sludge Life 2: How to Get JJs and Double Jump

In Sludge Life 2, players can get various items to make the game easier, and one of the best items are the JJ sneakers.

The JJs are sneakers in Sludge Life 2 that enable players to sprint and double jump. One of the most important early-game items, actually obtaining JJs might be eluding you, as many of the items in the game are hidden behind random characters you need to interact with. In Sludge Life 2, players can get the JJ sneakers in a pretty funny and interesting way. See below for a full guide on how to get JJs and double jump in the game. 

How to Get JJs in Sludge Life 2

In the game, the service attendant stuck in the elevator has the JJ sneakers on his feet. To get JJs in Sludge Life 2, go down to the third floor in Ciggy City Suites, to the floor under the attendant. Hop up into the small opening at the top of the elevator and interact with the attendant’s feet to obtain the JJs. 

Elevator JJ Sneaker Location Sludge Life 2

Jump up on the luggage, then crouch jump into the small opening above the door. When you get into the room, you’ll see the attendant’s legs hanging out from the floor above. If you can’t find the stuck attendant on the fourth floor, go to the opposite side of the complex to find him in the other elevator.

JJs will let you double-jump and sprint, two important mechanics in the game, which will help you reach hard-to-reach areas and get more items. Without the JJs, there are spots in the game that are literally impossible to reach, so they are a huge help, especially when you’re first starting. 

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