Sludge Life 2: Safe Code in Your Apartment

Before you open the safe in your apartment in Sludge Life 2, you'll need to know the code.

Sludge Life 2 is one of those games that lets players explore and investigate things on their own terms. One of the first mysteries in the game happens right when you get into it, and it’s something that your roommate tells you that you should remember. If you’ve got a bad memory like us, it’s cool — we’ve got your back. Keep reading for the safe code in your apartment. 

Safe Code in Your Apartment Sludge Life 2

The code for the safe in the starting apartment in Sludge Life 2 is 5721. Players can find the safe code by selecting the Dont Forget note on the main menu. 

Sludge Life 2 Safe Code

Once you open the safe, you’ll receive VANDAL EYES. The VANDAL EYES game description is:

The eyes of a Vandal Legend. Kinda gross.

After picking up the VANDAL EYES, players can hit the E key to throw them. While the exact use of the Vandal Eyes is something you’ll need to figure out yourself, now at least you know one of the first mysteries of the game.

Sludge Life 2 certainly doesn’t hold your hand on these sorts of things, and there’s no blinking arrow or directions telling players where to find the code. Sure, talking to your roommate does give you a clue, but it feels like a troll more than anything. Luckily, in this case, your “memory” can be easily accessed from the main menu.

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