Smalland: How to Get a Mount and Tame Insects

Tired of walking around everywhere in the new survival game, Smalland: Survive the Wilds? Mounts are a great solution to your woes. 

In Smalland: Survive the Wilds, players have to traverse the islands, which can be daunting. One way to make the process a bit faster is with mounts, but how to get one isn’t as obvious. 

How to Get a Mount in Smalland

To get a mount in Smalland, players must craft an insect treat at the Cauldron, injure the corresponding insect to lower its health, and then press the “F” key to tame the insect.

Taming Grasshopper in Smalland

From here, you can hit F again to climb on the back of your mount and ride it. Each mount will have different properties that make it better or worse in different scenarios. Throwing the Treat on the ground will do nothing, so while you might think this is a great way to entice an insect, you’d be wrong. 

How to Tame a Grasshopper

The first mount available to players is a Grasshopper, which requires a Grasshopper Treat. To Tame the Grasshopper, walk up to it and hit it until it reaches half health, then hit F on your keyboard to tame it. To cook a Grasshopper Treat, players will need to bring the following materials to a Cauldron:

  • Insect Egg x3
  • Petal x1
  • Seed Oil x2

Grasshoppers can jump incredible distances and don’t suffer from fall damage. However, make sure not to go into the water with this mount, or it will die.

How to Tame a Gecko

Later, players can get a Gecko mount after defeating the Rhino Beetle and turning in the Rhino Horn to Skadi. To tame the Gecko, hit it till it’s around half health, then hit F on your keyboard when close to it. The Gecko Treat recipe can be created at the Cauldron with the following materials: 

  • Ant Head x2
  • Bee Head x2
  • Petal x1
  • Seed Oil x2

Geckos have the ability to survive in water, unlike Grasshoppers.

How to Tame a Wolf Spider

After defeating the Rhino Beetle and making your way to the swamps, Lisandra will ask you to kill a Giant Albino Spider. After doing so, you’ll retrieve its eye and return to Lisandra, who will reward you with the Wolf Spider Treat recipe. You can tame a Wolf Spider in Smalland by having a Wolf Spider Treat in your inventory, injuring a Wolf Spider, and then pressing F on your keyboard to tame it. The Wolf Spider Treat can be created at the Cauldron with the following materials:

  • Grasshopper Leg x1
  • Spider Eye x2
  • Insect Wings x3
  • Petal x1
  • Seed Oil x2

How to Tame a Damselfly

The last mount players can get in Smalland is called a Damselfly, the flying insects closely resembling their more-well known cousin, Dragonflies. To tame a Damselfly, players need a Damselfly Treat, which can be obtained after unlocking the Walnut Chest with the Clover Key after defeating the King Stag Beetle. Players can create the Damselfly Treat at the Stone Oven with the following materials:

  • Firefly Juice x3
  • Petal x1
  • Seed Oil x2

Controlling and Caring For Your Mount

Once you’ve tamed your mount, you can heal it by dropping any food item close to it. To drop food, open your inventory and hold the Left Ctrl key while left-clicking the food item. If your mount isn’t at 100% HP, it will eat the food to restore its health. 

Feeding Mount Smalland

Players can also use the C key to issue different commands to their mount. Scroll to the selection you want to choose, then hit F again to select it. Players can perform the following three actions: 

  • Mount
  • Release
  • Follow/Stay

You don’t need to feed your mount to keep it healthy. It should be good if you keep it away from dangerous enemies. 

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