Smalland Survive the Wilds: Where to Find Skadi

In Smalland: Survive the Wilds, players encounter diverse characters throughout their journies, including the mysterious Skadi. If you’re struggling to find them, we have their exact location. 

If you’ve been adventuring around Smalland, you may have run into Kalev, the tree humanoid across the river from where you start your adventure in the game. He mentions a mysterious Skadi, but finding him can be an adventure. If you’ve looked around to no avail, we will tell you exactly where to find Skadi. 

Where to Find Skadi in Smalland Survive the Wilds

Skadi is a useful NPC hunter and former Vanguard sergeant that can craft the higher-tier Primal and Chitin armor sets. He can be found to the southwest of the starting area, next to the shore. Players will need to traverse through a cave to get to Skadi’s base. 

Once there, speak to Skadi to pick up a new quest and click the option Can you make armor? to craft Primal and Chitin armor. Skadi lives alone and has a base with spikes around it and a pit with a grasshopper stuck in it.

Primal Armor

Primal Armor offers basic protection but has high cold resistance. Players must collect Insect Fur, Bones, and Herptile Hide to craft it. 

Primal Armor includes the following set pieces: 

  • Primal Cowl
  • Primal Tunic
  • Primal Wrappings
  • Primal Leggings

Chitin Armor

Chitin Armor is both durable and protective; however, it does reduce the player’s movement speed. To craft the armor, players must collect Insect Fur, Chitin, and Herptile Hide.

Chitin Armor includes the following set pieces: 

  • Chitin Helmet
  • Chitin Pauldron
  • Chitin Vambrace
  • Chitin Greaves
Craft Armor Skadi Smalland

Ultimately, Skadi is an important NPC that players must meet to continue their journey and unlock a quest to hunt down the massive Rhino Beetle. If you are having trouble making it to them, having Kalev craft you stone armor might be a good idea. 

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