Smalland: Where to Find Clay

If you’re toward the end game in Smalland and are looking for Clay to craft high-tier gear, this guide will show you exactly where it is. 

As you continue your adventures in Smalland: Survive the Wilds, you’ll come across a vast array of different materials used for crafting. One of the end-game materials used to construct end-game items and equipment is called Clay and is hard to find. 

Where to Find Clay in Smalland

Clay is located on the southernmost island on mounds and around insect caves. They will appear to be small brown nodes dotting the surface of these caves. To extract the Clay, players will need a Spike Pickaxe or better. If you are having trouble identifying Clay, hit the V key to scan the area.

Discovering Clay will unlock Stone building materials and Clay Bandages.

To build a Spike Pickaxe, players will need the following materials: 

  • Fiber x5
  • Resin x5
  • Iron Shard x5
  • Refined Wood x5

Clay is required for Clay Mortar which is used to construct the Clay Oven and Forge, which is building equipment that you’ll need to advance to Iron weapons. 

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