Best Soulstone Survivors Builds

Explore our list of the most OP Soulstone Survivors builds in the game, so you can cruise through endless mode with no problem.

Soulstone Survivors is a roguelite action RPG with many customization options. With 14 characters and dozens of skills, there are a lot of build options out there. These are some of the best builds in Soulstone Survivors that you can use to grind your way through endless mode.

Below are some of the best Soulstone Survivors builds for a few different characters. Depending on what you have unlocked, you can utilize these to grind through to the late game and do some impressive runs.

Best Builds in Soulstone Survivors

The best builds in Soulstone Survivors are:

The Bleed Barbarian

  • Double Slash
  • Flurry
  • Subdue
  • Scent of Blood
  • Bloodlust
  • Savage Strike

The Barbarian is a great character, and for this build, you’ll want to use the upgraded Tribal War Axes to get Double Slash. For our Soulstone Survivors Barbarian build, we’ll be relying on the Bleed effect and synergizing it with Bloodlust and Scent of Blood to increase cast speed. As for upgrades, prioritize Cast Speed, Status Ailments, Damage, Area Modifiers, and Critical Damage in that order.

The Lightning Elementalist

  • Lightning Beam
  • Light Beam
  • Call Lightning
  • Arcane Beam
  • Might/Lightning Skill
  • Arcane Power

For runes, you can use Focus Fire, Purity, and Generalist for extra damage, as well as Reroll Mastery for a better chance at getting the skills we need faster. Prioritize getting increased Critical Damage modifier and Area modifier upgrades. The build is super strong for the endless runs–good for melting bosses quickly and excellent for area-of-effect damage.

The Speedrun Sentinel

  • Rain of Arrows
  • Shoot
  • Storm of Arrows (or Ricochet Shot)
  • Chain Lightning
  • Void
  • Bloodlust

For this speedy Soulstone Survivors Sentinel build, you’ll want to get it to prestige level 50 to unlock Ricochet Shot, but you can also use Storm of Arrows, which will be the main damage-dealing skill. You can unlock Storm of Arrows by getting a sub-9-minute run. As for runes, we’ll be using Weapon Expert, Purity, Focus Fire, Generalist, and Surefooted. As for upgrades, go with Critical Damage Modifier, Cast Frequency, and Damage Modifier, prioritized in that order. The goal is to get Storm of Arrows quickly and upgrade its Cast Frequency.

The Explosive Hound Master

  • Napalm Blast
  • Frag Shot
  • Weakening Grenade
  • Power Blast
  • Shrapnel Shot
  • Buckshot

For this build, you’ll want to upgrade The Hound Master’s weapon to Riflemen’s Vengeance to get Buckshot. The build uses tons of projectiles to destroy large groups of mobs quickly. You can easily stack damage multipliers, exploding anything on the screen and melting bosses in seconds. As for upgrades, prioritize Cast Speed, Damage, Area Modifier, Multicast, Status Ailments, and Critical Damage in that order.

The 9-Minute Hound Master

  • Buckshot
  • Shrapnel Shot
  • Power Blast
  • Weakening Grenade
  • Explosive Trap
  • Shrapnel Bomb

The sub-9-minute Hound Master is perfect for players who want to unlock Storm of Arrows. For this build, you’ll want to go to Stage 1 and post up in the top-left corner of the map. Bloodlust is an alternate option to the skills listed above, as it also benefits your dogs, which can be useful. Runes are optional here, but if you have them, use the plus damage Rune or even the Blast Skill Mastery Runes. For Passive Skills, go with Area Modifier, Cast Frequency, Area Modifier, and Magnet if you can get it early. This build excels in area damage and is good for clearing low-difficulty stages quickly.

The Minion Necromancer

  • Skeletal Mage
  • Skeletal Archers
  • Putrid Hounds
  • Bloodlust
  • Chaos Golem

The Necromancer build is more of a late-game build that utilizes minions to do our bidding. It’s a passive build, so your minions will be doing all the work. You’ll need to reach level 50 on The Necromancer to unlock access to the minions. The active skills to use are Skeletal Mages and Archers, Hounds, Golem, and Bloodlust for faster speed and cast frequency. For upgrades, prioritize Unit Amount, Damage, Cast Speed, Status, and Damage, in that order.

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