How to Find the Safe’s Mysterious Password in Stray

Here's how to decipher the code and find the safe's mysterious password in Stray.

If you’ve been exploring the Slums thoroughly, you may have encountered a mysterious safe sitting on heaps of garbage. Unfortunately, this safe is sealed, and the clue attached to the safe doesn’t give us too much information. There is, however, enough information to figure out the code if you’re clever. Here’s how to find the safe’s mysterious password in Stray.

If you don’t know where the safe is, it’s to the left of the entrance to the sewer. Do you know the guardian robot? Yeah, take a left at that place and keep going until you get to the stairs to the sewer. Depending on where you’re at in the story, there may be a metal shutter blocking the path to the sewer. Take a left, and you’ll see piles of garbage with the safe. There’s a note attached to the safe, which provides us with the clues we’re using to figure this out.

Where is the Mysterious Safe in Stray?

How to Find the Safe’s Mysterious Password in Stray

The safe’s mysterious password says, “follow the numbers,” and it’s written in an old binary language. Our first thought was to show Elliot, the resident programmer, but he says only a real geek can decipher such an old binary code. If that’s what you thought, you’re right. Elliot says the code reads “DUFER BAR.”

The next step is to visit the bar, which you may or may not have already visited at this point in the story. Look for the red neon signs if you’re having trouble. Hop onto the bar, and interact with the picture of a beach hanging on the wall. The picture will fall off the fall after you tinker with it, revealing the mysterious safe code.

What is the Safe’s Mysterious Password in Stray?

The Safe’s Mysterious Password in Stray is 1-2-83. You can enter this as simply 1283 on the Digicode keypad for the safe. You’ll find the last piece of sheet music inside the mysterious safe.

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