Stray Sheet Music Locations

Here are all of the sheet music locations in Stray, and where to turn them in to get the Meowlody achievement.

Completionists out there are probably determined to find all the music sheets and vending machines in Stray. There are eight music sheets in Stray, and not all are easy to find. However, the game does a good job placing them in areas you must explore for the main quest. Here are all the Stray music sheet locations without spoiling too much.

Below we provide a brief recap of where to find all of the music sheets in Stray. We don’t go into too much detail, and that’s on purpose. We don’t want to spoil too much for you. Finding all the named locations should be a breeze if you already know all the in-game areas.

Stray Music Sheet Locations

Here are all the music sheet locations in Stray:

  • Clementine’s Apartment: on the table on the balcony.
  • Clementine’s Apartment: on the bookshelf next to the bed.
  • Dufer Bar: upstairs on one of the tables.
  • Elliot Programming: inside Elliot’s place on the robot painting.
  • Barterman: trade one energy drink for a music sheet.
  • Librarian’s Apartment: on top of the piano.
  • Momo’s Apartment: in the dark room on the wooden shelf.
  • Mysterious Safe: inside the binary safe next to the sewer entrance.

Where do you turn in the Sheet Music in Stray?

After collecting music sheets, you can turn them over to Morusque. You can find Morusque sitting on the ground, down the stairs to the left of Guardian. Morusque is the resident musician, and turning in all eight music sheets unlocks the Meowlody Achievement and Music Badge item.

Stray Music Badge
Screenshot via Gamer Digest/Stray

It’s worth noting that none of these are missable. After beating the game, you can select which chapter you’d like to play. So, if this is something you want to return to later, it is feasible to do it that way!

Hopefully, this helps you find all the sheet music in Stray so you can enjoy some of the relaxing songs!

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