Where to Find Doc’s Safe in Stray

Here's where to find Doc's Safe and one of the notebooks for Momo in Stray.

Early on in Stray, you’ll meet someone named Momo, who sends us out in search of a few notebooks. The notebooks are fairly easy to find–just look for the apartments with the Outsiders logo in front of them. However, one apartment is cluttered with books, and the notebook is hidden away inside a safe. You may have found the clue but are unsure where to find the safe. Not to worry, here’s where to find Doc’s Safe (and notebook) in Stray.

First, you’ll need to find Doc’s apartment. It’s located in the upper Slums in the corner of the map. The entrance is a small window, which we can make our way through by jumping through the gap in the railing. Once inside, make your way to the back room, which is where you’ll find a note on a bed. The note gives us a key and a clue about the safe’s location.

“It’s not enough to bury your safe behind a bunch of books.

-Jess the Librarian

Where to Find Doc’s Safe in Stray

Doc’s safe is located between the bookshelves labeled “L” and “M.” Luckily, Doc is very organized, so this is easy to explain. The middle row of bookshelves has a bunch of books stacked on the floor. If you jump on top of these books and jump off, the books will fall to the ground, revealing the safe. At that point, you can simply interact with the safe to obtain Doc’s notebook.

B-12 will be relieved to inform you that this is the last notebook (if it is, in fact, your last one to find). It belongs to Doc and says, “After weeks of research, I’ve combined a spectrometer with a powerful UV lamp. With this, we should be capable of warding off the Zurks on our way out.” There’s also a note in the book that reads, “I’ve found a design flaw in the Transceive, but I think I figured out how to fix it. Here’s the equation.”

B-12 thinks this information could help Momo repair the Transceiver. So, it’s time to pay a visit to Momo.

That’s where to find Doc’s safe and notebook in Stray. Hopefully, this helps you out if you are having some trouble.

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