Tactics Ogre: Reborn – How to Recruit Deneb

Gain a powerful ally with this updated guide on how to recruit Deneb.

Not everything about the recent Tactics Ogre: Reborn release has been a straight port from the original game. We had a hunch that Deneb’s recruitment method had changed between versions, and we’re glad we were right; the original method is a pain. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to recruit Deneb, read ahead for our updated Tactics Ogre Reborn Deneb recruitment guide.

Recruiting Deneb in Tactics Ogre: Reborn

To Recruit Deneb in Tactics Ogre: Reborn, players need to find Deneb’s shop, capture monsters for auction and help Deneb win a battle. If players want to unlock her in her more powerful Wicce class, they also need to unlock the Palace of the Dead, find a secret room, and upgrade Relics. Keep reading for an in-depth guide on these concepts.

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Finding Deneb’s Shop

Deneb’s shop is unlocked through the Warren Report menu during Chapter 4. Read the report on Deneb, and she will wander between locations depending on the in-game day of the month. They have listed her route as such:

  • Days 1 & 15: Port Omish
  • Days 2 & 16: Grimsby
  • Days 3 & 17: Heim
  • Days 4 & 18: Orem
  • Days 5 & 19: Barnicia
  • Days 6 & 20: Golyat
  • Days 7 & 21: Almorica
  • Days 8 & 22: Rhime
  • Days 9 & 23: Kysaro
  • Days 10 & 24: Phidoch
  • Days 11 & 25: Balmamusa
  • Day 12: Coritanae
  • Day 13: Asyton
  • Day 14: Brigantys 

Auctioning Monsters

Once you find Deneb’s shop, buy 1 elemental orb of each type from her shop. To purchase the orbs, players must auction monsters of each elemental type at her shop. You can Auction monsters at any shop, but it’s easiest to do so at Deneb’s shop itself and immediately buy the orbs. You can find Dragons in the Phorampa Wildwood. Clear the village of Vasque before selling the orbs to be on the safe side. 

There should be 9 total orbs, including the “Void” element from auctioning a Hydra. After that, leave the shop, and an event occurs where Deneb talks to Denam. Reply with “No, let’s hear it,” and she’ll request help with a battle in Vasque. Complete the battle while keeping Deneb alive, and she’ll be free to join your party.

Upgrading to Deneb’s Wicce Class

Deneb’s default Witch class is a really strong character, but with a little extra work, players can unlock her in her Wicce class for even more power.

You need to do a couple of extra steps before Deneb joins us for the battle in Vasque, so don’t buy the orbs until you’re ready. For this, we’re going to the Palace of the Dead. It’s also unlocked through Chapter 4 Warren Reports. You’re looking for the topic “Mysterious Blast on Exeter.” After that, the Palace of the Dead can be found to the north, through Bortegun Fens.

Reach level 3 and land one of your units on a specific tile. In the Northwest corner, the Palace floor is coated by slime except for one space. Land a unit there; after that battle, Relics can now be upgraded in Shops. You need to Upgrade Relics 3 times in Deneb’s shop specifically. Then you can proceed as normal.

This was our Tactics Ogre: Reborn guide on how to recruit Deneb. We hope she makes a difference in your late-game Battles.

Thanks go out to Reddit user /u/MegRyanSG for helping discover this solution. 

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