Tchia: How to Cut Chains at The Lab

Free the Xetiwa!

In Tchia, players must shut down power to the fabric factory by shutting down operations at the Mine, Lab, and Slaughterhouse. If you’re stuck on how to cut wires at the Lab, this guide will show you what you need to do. 

When players reach the Lab, they will encounter chained-up Xetiwa, the legendary bird snake in the world of Tchia. While the short cinematic does give players a clue as to how to cut the chains at the Lab — you may have missed it if you weren’t paying attention. Luckily — it’s easy as long as you know what to do. 

How to Cut Chains at The Lab in Tchia

To cut the chains at the Lab, Soul Jump into a crab, then hit R2 next to the chains to Pinch them with your claw. Once you cut all four chains, you’ll have completed the quest. 

How to Cut Chains at The Lab in Tchia

Crabs can be found outside, on top of the helipad, or you can press right on the D-pad to pull out your ukelele to Invoke Crab. 

Once you cut all the chains, the Xetiwa will fly away, and you’ll be able to clog up Chimney number 3 at the fabric factory. If you are having trouble getting up to the helipad, I recommend Invoking Bird or Soul Jumping into a bird, and flying up to the top. 

If you do this right, you can circumvent all the enemies and won’t even have to face them. 

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