Tchia: How to Destroy Floating Eyes in Meavora’s Stomach

Eye see you...

Once Meavora consumes Tchia, players will be transported to their stomach, and going through the left path will lead to a quest to destroy floating eyes. Here’s how to pull it off. 

Destroying the floating eyes in Meavora’s stomach is arguably one of the hardest things to pull off in Tchia. The giant eye will continuously attack you, making it hard to concentrate on destroying all the tiny floating eyes you need to take out. Luckily, we found a way to cheese this portion, so it’s not very hard. 

How to Destroy the Floating Eyes in Tchia

There are a total of 12 Floating Eyes you’ll need to take out to continue to the next portion of the story. To destroy the floating eyes, hit L2 to aim your slingshot, then hit R2 to hit the eyes. Players can either time the laser attack from the giant eyeball or use the platforms above them to block the eye’s attacks from hitting them. 

Floating Eyes in Tchia

We highly recommend running around the ground floor, using the teeth platforms to block the incoming laser attacks from the giant eye. From here, you can stand still and slowly take out the floating eyes. 

Platforms Blocking Giant Eye Tchia

Going up to the platforms leaves you more exposed to the large eye, so it’s not an ideal strategy for this boss fight. Your slingshot does have drop, so you’ll need to aim slightly above the eyes to take them out from a far distance. 

If you’re having trouble shooting down the eyes, get closer to the giant eye but keep the platforms between you and its attacks. 

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