Tchia: Where to Find Red Crab

In Tchia, players must find multiple items across the islands to satisfy the villagers and continue campaign progression. Here’s where you can find a red crab in Tchia. 

After you satisfy the needs of the Hunahmi Chief, you’ll visit the village of Weliw, where you’ll meet a French-speaking villager named Gaby. Unfortunately, Gaby loves red crabs, which can only be found on the island of Kweo, the same island where you find White Clay

Where to Find Red Crab in Tchia

The Red Crab is located on the island of Kweo and can be found near the wooden dock and crates in the middle of the island. When you look at the crab, it will actually be titled Kweo Crab, but pick it up and store it away to complete the quest. 

Where to Find Red Crab in Tchia

Also, somewhat strangely, the crab isn’t actually red at all. It has a red claw, but it’s mostly black — or at least the ones we were able to find. 

Once you get the crab, travel back to Weliw and visit Gabby again. She’ll have you cook the food with her daughter, Louise, which involves a fun mini-game rolling up some regional New Caledonian cuisine. 

Making Food Tchia

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