Terra Nil: How to Build Bamboo Nursery

In Terra Nil, players will encounter Skyscraper Frames that they must uncover before being able to build a Bamboo Nursery. If you’re stuck as to what to do, keep reading. 

Skyscraper frames are pretty good at growing certain plants, like a Bamboo Nursery. However, if you’re playing Continental Maps, you’ll have Skyscrapers you need to get rid of before you can plant anything. If you’re not sure how to do it and have been scratching your head, we’ll show you how to build a Bamboo Nursery in the game. 

How to Build Bamboo Nursery in Terra Nil

To build a Bamboo Nursery, players will need to recycle Skyscrapers to uncover them to their bare frames, then select the building and build the Bamboo Nursery over the frames. 

Building Bamboo Nursery

You won’t be able to build over the Skyscraper as long as there is still concrete on it, so build a Loading Dock close to it to strip it of all the concrete. 

Recycling Skyscraper

If this part confused you, don’t worry, you’re not alone. As part of the reclamation process, some things, like old buildings, need to be torn down before they can be rebuilt by mother nature. 

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