Terra Nil: How to Make Coral Reef

If you are stuck on how to create Coral Reef in the city simulator, Terra Nil, we don’t blame you. However, once you understand the process, it’s easy. 

In Terra Nil, players are tasked with cultivating flora and fauna in various biomes. One of the first challenging tasks takes place in the Tropical Climate, where, eventually, you’ll need to cultivate Coral Polyps to develop a Coral Reef. If you’re completely clueless about how to do it, don’t worry — you’re not alone. Here’s how to make Coral Reef in Terra Nil. 

How to Make Coral Reef in Terra Nil

To make Coral Reef in Terra Nil, players must build a Coral Lab on top of an Irrigator, then use a Monorail to transport the Coral Polyps from the Coral Lab to cleansed ocean water. Click a Monorail Node next to the Coral Lab then left-click the Coral lab before clicking a clean portion of the ocean. Your monorail will transport the polyps to produce the reef. Before constructing the Coral Lab, players must increase the world’s temperature to around 20°C with a Combuster.

Coral Lab Terra Nil

Transporting the Polyps to create the reef will consume the Irrigator and Coral Lab, which can be rebuilt and used again for other parts of the ocean. Players can mouse over the Coral Lab to see how they have to adjust the temperature to accommodate the building.

Coral Lab Temp Terra Nil

Cleaning the Ocean

Before the reef has an environment to propagate, it requires a clean ocean. In the Tropical biome, most of the water has been heavily polluted but can be replenished and refreshed with properly placed Toxin Scrubbers. If an area of the ocean is too far away to reach from the main continent, build a Sandbank with a Mineralizer and Turbine so that your Toxin Scrubber has the electricity required to cleanse the area. 

Toxin Scrubbers Coral Reef

Like most things in Terra Nil, Coral Reef requires the proper temperature, conditions, and buildings to thrive on your island. If you manage to clean large enough portions of the ocean, a single round of Coral Polyps can fill multiple blocks of the sea with groovy coral. 

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