THE FINALS Patch Notes (March 9)

THE FINALS might be in a closed beta state, but it doesn’t mean the game’s developers are sitting on their laurels. Here are the patch notes for March 9, 2023. 

The updates generally will help people with bugs and crashes. In addition, it adjusts the XP players earn for winning rounds.

THE FINALS Patch Notes March 9

THE FINALS patch notes for March 9, 2023, include the following updates: 

  • Say goodbye to the cracking noise!
  • Fixed bug that prevented rewards from showing up.
  • Made it easier to pickup statues to prevent triggering unintentional revives.
  • The “phantom footsteps” bug should be gone now.
  • Fixed a bug that made vaults go flying when goo was attached to them.
  • A major adjustment to XP for wins/loss now you’ll earn 500 XP for each round played.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some players to get stuck in the menu.
  • We fixed the most frequent client crashes.
  • And small bug fixes and adjustments.

THE FINALS Patch notes for March 9, 2023, were sourced from the official THE FINALS Twitter.

THE FINALS Patch Notes March 8

  • Fixed a bug where bullet hits wouldn’t register for some clients. 
  • Fixed a bug that caused third-person characters to get stuck in frozen animation states. 
  • Fixed a client crash that sometimes occurred when downloading avatar images. 
  • Improved level of detail for high-quality graphics settings. 

In addition to these tweaks, the developers of the game, Embark Studios, said the following: 

“We will continue to update you frequently throughout the Beta period on known issues and upcoming fixes. Thanks so much for playing THE FINALS and helping us make this the best game possible. Stay tuned; we have more in the pipeline for you!” 

Even though there’s not much here — there’s sure to be more to come as more people jump into the closed beta

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