Total War Warhammer 3: Greasus Goldtooth Guide (Immortal Empires Update)

A savage beast on the battlfield--here's out Total War: Warhammer 3 Greasus Goldtooth guide for Immortal Empires.

Total War: Warhammer 3 features the Ogre Kingdoms, the massive lumbering beasts that thrive on satiating their greed for coins, treasure, and the meat of their enemies. Yes, if you want to go savage in Total War Warhammer 3 Immortal Empires as Greasus Goldtooth, some of the faction’s mechanics may be confusing. Luckily, we’re here to help with a full Warhammer 3 Goldtooth guide that will fill you in on how they play and their main mechanics. 

Total War: Warhammer 3 Greasus Goldtooth Guide (Immortal Empires Update)

The primary mechanics you need to get used to for the Ogre Kingdoms in the Immortal Empires update include the following:

We’ll go over each of these concepts in this guide. 

Sustaining a Meat Supply for Armies

You must produce enough meat, or your armies will begin to suffer attrition every turn, and it can quickly completely decimate your forces. This is the most important thing you need to know about your Goldtooth playthrough because there’s a high chance it can ruin your campaign. 

How Meat for the Ogre Kingdoms Works

There is a separate meat supply for each army that you field. The more units you have in each army, the more meat they consume each turn. This can be viewed by mousing over the meat icon when a general is selected in the bottom left of the screen. 

Viewing Meat Production in Warhammer 3
Viewing Meat Production

Once the meat supply starts dipping below 0, your army will suffer attrition every turn, and complete units will be destroyed if their army count falls below zero. 

Suffering Attrition due to Lack of Meat Warhammer 3
Suffering Attrition due to Lack of Meat

Armies outside of your provenance or regions will not generate meat over time from your settlement buildings. 

Increasing Meat Supply for Ogre Kingdoms 

Players can increase the meat supply for each of their armies in three ways: 

  • Building Larders
  • Winning Battles
  • Completing Challenges


Players can select Larders under the Infrastructure menu when building in a settlement. Larders create 10 meat per turn for armies in the region but reduce the region’s profit by 50%. For that reason, you should build Larders in regions with military structures and place your economic structures in different settlements so that the penalty doesn’t hurt. 

Steak Locker, Warhammer 3
Steak Locker, Warhammer 3

Note: Larders only affect armies in the region and will not add to the army’s meat supply if they are in a different region in your province. 

Larders have 3 tiers you can get and include: 

  • Larders: Generates 10 meat per turn. 
  • Meat Store: Generates 15 meat per turn. 
  • Steak Locker: Generates 20 meat per turn. 

Getting a Larder in your early game is important so that each army can start to build a surplus of meat. As you adventure out of your zone of control, the meat supply will run down quickly, especially if you find yourself in a prolonged siege. 

The main building in your settlement, the Town Hall, or in this case, the Stew Kitch’n, also generates 10 meat per turn. 

You will also gain meat from winning battles automatically; then, you’ll have another choice to gain more meat rather than bonus money or experience for your army. 

Offer to the Great Maw

Players can access Offer to the Great Maw by clicking on an army and then selecting the icon at the bottom of their screen. Once you open the screen, you’ll gain access to a plethora of buffs you can give your armies by giving a meat sacrifice. 

These buffs last 10 turns and turn the tide in battle. Consider using them if you have a large surplus of meat. You can only use one Offer to the Great Maw at a time. 

Greasus Goldtooth has the following offers:

  • Bloody ‘n’ Raw: Melee attack +10
  • Come ‘n’ Get it: Campaign movement range +20%
  • Fill Yer Bellies: Global recruitment duration: -2 turn(s) *minimum 1
  • Give me Gut Magic: Winds of Magic power reserve +5 per turn
Offer to the Great Maw
Offer to the Great Maw

Pre-Battle Feast

Pre-Battle Feast is a balancing mechanic you can use when you’re feeling completely outgunned and stuck on the campaign map. You can sacrifice food, up to 5, to buff and enlarge your units on the battlefield. This makes them more terrifying, granting a higher chance of routing the enemy, as well as contributing to their speed and charge bonus–an important aspect in battle for the Ogres. Each food will provide a 2% buff to Speed, Unit Mass, and Charge Speed. 

When maxed out with 5 food, the Pre-Battle Feast can provide the following: 

  • Speed +10%
  • Unit Mass +10%
  • Charge bonus +10%
Pre-Battle Feast
Pre-Battle Feast

Big Names 

Big Names are a mechanic for the Ogre Kingdoms, where each general gains access to particular buffs by completing certain tasks. For Goldtooth these include: 

  • Gatecrasher: Leadership +8 when sieging or encircling/Enemy Leadership -8 when sieging or encircling
  • Hoardmaster: Passive ability +8 Leadership on the battlefield
  • Tradelord: Increase income from trade tariffs +4%/Income from all buildings +10% *local province
  • Shockingly Obese: Unit mass +30%/Melee defense +5

To access big names, select Goldtooth, then click the Character Details icon in the bottom left of the screen. Then, press the Big Names tab. Big names persist for 10 turns. 

Big Names 
Big Names 

Other generals will have other sets of Big Names available to them, depending on what kind of general they are.

Completing Ogre Contracts

Contracts are missions that other factions will provide every 10 turns. These usually come with a buff and additional gold in your treasury. You can select Contracts in the top icon above the End Turn button. 

Ogre Contracts

Choose Contracts that are closer to you. You can click the target text to move to the location on your campaign map. These may serve as a nice extra boost to your income–and because some missions are assassinate missions, they won’t require a full army, just a hero. 

Goldtooth Technology Tree

Goldtooth has a pretty simple hero tech tree. Like other heroes in Immortal Empires, you’ll have a selection of Hero-specific buffs, campaign map buffs, army buffs, and personal hero buffs. 

We suggest placing a point in Route Marcher and investing points into Unstoppable Force. Getting Goldtooth’s personal unique skills and passives will help you, but Snacks is a passive skill that activates when Goldtooth is in melee battle and also heals army units around him. 

How Greasus Goldtooth Plays

Goldtooth is a pretty powerful beast on the battlefield. How you use him will largely come down to what you select in his tech tree. We suggest investing points into his hero buffs since he can become almost unstoppable with his final skill, Snacks. 

Ogre Kingdoms Technology

The Ogre Kingdoms has a pretty straightforward Kingdom tech tree, comprised of a horizontal format, where you must unlock certain skills to unlock others, from left to right. 

Players do not need to unlock the top and bottom of the tree to unlock subsequent technologies. Therefore, we suggest investing points into the tree so you can get to the later and more useful buffs available to the faction. Certain skills might be worth it situationally, but you should really concentrate on getting to the end of the tree, where you can unlock skills like Stolen Black Powder RecipeBig Migration, and Huntin’ Tricks

Ogre Kingdoms Technology
Ogre Kingdoms Technology

How to Play Your Campaign

Because your Ogres are so reliant on their food supply, you mustn’t get caught raiding or in long, prolonged sieges. Ogres are powerhouses on the battlefield, boasting powerful massive units, decent-ranged units, artillery, and army buffs. 

The core of your army will likely focus on the monstrous or huge units, so building an army around those makes sense. Create hubs around the map, or regions where there is increased food production–so that your armies can sit and “fuel up” on food while they aren’t active on the battlefield. The more food you have in your supply, the longer you can stay out and battle other armies. 

Whether you want to consolidate the other Ogre Kingdoms through Diplomacy or battle is really up to you, and we believe that’s part of the fun in Total War. Let us know how your campaign went in the comments below. 

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