Untitled Combat Arena (UCA) Codes (April 2024)

Use these Untitled Combat Arena (UCA) codes for free in-game cash!

Untitled Combat Arena, also known as UCA, is a PvP combat fighting game on Roblox developed by Xeno. Players can select from a pool of popular anime characters and battle against other players. Put your skills to the test and earn cash for destroying the competition.

Players can use the Untitled Combat Arena codes below to get free in-game cash, which can be used to unlock new characters, spin runes, and more. New UCA codes release often, so make sure to check back soon for updates if you ever want more freebies.

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April 13 2024: We checked for new Untitled Combat Arena codes.

Untitled Combat Arena Codes List

Active codes:

  • 33KLIKES: 1,000 Cash
  • 15MVISITS: 1,000 Cash
  • 32KLIKES: 1,000 Cash
  • 14MVISITS: 1,000 Cash
  • 30KLIKES: 1,000 Cash
  • 29KLIKES: 1,000 Cash
  • 28KLIKES: 1,000 Cash
  • 26KLIKES: 1,000 Cash
  • 10MVISITS: 1,000 Cash
  • 25KLIKES: 1,000 Cash
  • 9MVISITS: 1,000 Cash
  • 24KLIKES: 1,000 Cash
  • 23KLIKES: 1,000 Cash
  • 8MVISITS: 800 Cash
  • 22KLIKES: 2,000 Cash
  • Pooper Scooper: 500 Cash
  • 21KLIKES: 2,000 Cash
  • 20KLIKES: 2,000 Cash
  • 7MVISITS: 500 Cash
  • 19KLIKES: 500 Cash
  • 18KLIKES: 1,000 Cash
  • 17KLIKES: 1,000 Cash
  • 6MVISITS: 600 Cash
  • i just farted: 500 Cash

Expired codes:

  • 13KLIKES
  • 12KLIKES
  • 11KLIKES
  • 10KLIKES

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How do I redeem codes for Untitled Combat Arena?

To redeem codes in Untitled Combat Arena, tap the Menu button at the bottom of the screen and then click on Codes. Enter a working code into the code redemption box, and then press Enter to claim the rewards.

Where do I get more Untitled Combat Arena codes?

Get more codes for the game by visiting the Untitled Combat Arena Simulator game page on Roblox and checking the game description. Players can also join the UCA Discord server to chat with other players and learn more about the game. We recommend following this page because we always have the latest codes. Check back soon for updates!

To play Untitled Combat Arena, download the Roblox application from Google Play and the App Store.