All Blood Types in V Rising

Here is the complete list of all Blood Types in V Rising, and a rundown of Blood Quality and all of the perks associated with each type.

Vampires feed on blood, and in the vampire survival game known as V Rising, players can choose from six different Blood Types. A player’s character can feed on any of the six different Blood Types to inherit abilities and bonuses from the target. Not all blood is equal, though, and the Blood Quality will range from 0 to 100%. Below is a list of all the Blood Types in V Rising and their corresponding Blood Quality perks.

Each blood type gives different perks and character bonuses. A new bonus activates for each 20% Blood Quality, so at 100% Blood Quality, all five bonuses for the Blood Type are active. Here’s the breakdown of Blood Quality:

  • 0-19% Blood Quality: no bonuses
  • 20-39% Blood Quality: one bonus
  • 40-59% Blood Quality: two bonuses
  • 60-79% Blood Quality: three bonuses
  • 80-99% Blood Quality: four bonuses
  • 100% Blood Quality: five bonuses

All Blood Types in V Rising

There are six blood types in V Rising:

  1. Brute
  2. Creature
  3. Rogue
  4. Scholar
  5. Warrior
  6. Worker


  1. 7.5-12.5% Primary attack Life Leech 
  2. 7.5-12.5% Increased Primary Attack Speed and gain 1 Gear Level 
  3. Healing received increased by 20-35%. Heal self for 4% of your victim’s health when striking a killing blow
  4. 6% chance per relative health recovered to boost movement speed by 20% and damage of primary attacks by 25%
  5. Boost all of the above effects by 30%


  1. 3-15% Movement Speed
  2. 10-25 Increased Sun Resistance
  3. 10-20% Damage Reduction
  4. 150% Increased Health regeneration
  5. Boost all of the above effects by 30% 


  1. 10-20% chance to Critical Strike on Weapon Attacks
  2. 8-15% Movement Speed 
  3. 12-25% reduced cooldown on Travel Skill. 100% chance to critical strike on the next physical attack after using a travel skill
  4. 50% chance on critical strike to expose victims armor, increasing damage taken from all sources by 15% for four seconds
  5. Boost all of the above effects by 30%


  1. 12-25% Increased Spell Power
  2. 8-15% Reduced cooldown on Spells
  3. 5-10% Spell Life Leech
  4. 20% Chance to reset spell cooldown on cast
  5. Boost all of the above effects by 30%


  1. 10-20% Increased Physical Power
  2. 8-15% Reduced cooldown on Weapon Skills
  3. 7.5-15% Reduced damage taken and 25% increased damage when striking enemies at full health
  4. 15% Chance to parry an attack reducing damage taken by 50%. Parrying an attack increases your own damage by 25%
  5. Boost all of the above effects by 30%


  1. 10%-30% Increased Resource Yield
  2. 15-25% Increased Damage against Resource Objects
  3. 10-20% Increased Mount Gallop Speed 
  4. 3% chance to instantly destroy a resource node and trigger a burst of speed
  5. Boost all of the above effects by 30% 
V Rising Blood Pool
Scholar Blood, V Rising

Which Blood Type is the best in V Rising?

The best Blood Type depends on your character build and the objective you’re looking to accomplish. For example, someone harvesting resources may want to use worker blood for the passive bonus yields and chance to destroy a node in one hit. Spell users may want to use Scholar blood for bonus Spell Power and other related bonuses.

How to find the highest Blood Quality in V Rising

Blood Quality is random in V Rising, which means there is no way to guarantee a high Blood Quality. You can use some tips and tricks to make your search easier. First, you probably already know you can hover your mouse over an enemy to see their Blood Type and Quality. However, using the Blood Hunger Vampire Power makes things even easier. 

Blood Hunter is a Vampire Power unlocked after defeating Tristan the Vampire Hunter and obtaining his V Blood. Tristan is found wandering around in the Farbane Woods area. Once you defeat him and unlock the Power, you can activate it to show everyone’s Blood Quality above their head. It makes it much easier to spot the high-quality Blood.

Even with Blood Hunger active, finding 100% Blood Quality is still completely random. The perfect blood does exist, though, so you’ll need to search through Vardoran and keep your senses heightened!

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