V Rising: How to get Shattered Weapons

Level up your game and learn how to get Shattered Weapons in V Rising with our guide.

We’re seeing a bunch of other players get into V Rising since the Secrets of the Gloomrot update. We’re glad others are enjoying the game, and we want to help by covering how to get Shattered Weapons in V Rising.

How to get Shattered Weapons in V Rising

Shattered Weapons are obtained from bosses, or as V Rising calls them, Carriers of V Blood. We started seeing these weapons drop around the tail end of the Dunley Farmlands level range, around 50 and up. Use your blood tracking menu to find suitable targets. Some of the bosses we’ll be fighting for the needed recipes will drop them too.

How to get Shattered Weapons in V Rising
Screenshot: Gamer Digest/V Rising

Repairing Shattered Weapons

You need an Ancestral Forge to repair Shattered Weapons, as well as the materials to properly restore them. To get the Ancestral Forge recipe, you must fight Raziel the Shepherd (level 57) at the Dunley Monastery. He’s on holy ground, so the holy resistance potion recipe from Meredith the Bright Archer is needed. Avoid or destroy his pylons to avoid getting trapped and hit with his spells.

The recipe has its own components, at least 1 will be new to you. You need Radium Alloy, Iron Ingots, and Primal Blood Essence. For the Radium, your next stop is Ziva the Engineer in South Gloomrot.

Repairing Shattered Weapons in V Rising
Screenshot: Gamer Digest/V Rising

Ziva drops the Fabricator blueprint, letting you build your own out of Iron Ingots and Tech Scrap (found in Gloomrot). You also need that Tech Scrap to make our new Radium Alloys at the Furnace, along with Sulphur and Sludge-Filled Canisters. The standard version of the Canister is also made at the Fabricator; make them with Glass and Iron Ingots, then use them near the toxic pools that dot the Gloomrot regions.

For Primal Blood Essence, you can fight level 60 enemies for Exquisite Hearts or fight Jade the Vampire Hunter (level 57). She’s also around Dunley; if you can defeat Raziel, she’s not too difficult. She’s another ranged fighter using pistols and chaos spells; bring some sort of blocking spell to counter. Once she’s bested, you can make Primal Blood Essence from Greater Blood Essence at the Blood Press.

Reforging Shattered Weapons

Once you’ve made your Ancestral Forge, you’re almost done. Set your shattered weapon in the Ancestral forge, then use your Radium with Greater Blood Essence and the Merciless Iron version of the same weapon. The Merciless Iron recipes drop from enemies around the Dunley area; you should have several by the time you’re done with these chores. If not, they can be discovered randomly by researching at the Study with Scrolls.

Screenshot: Gamer Digest/V Rising

With all the materials and recipes unlocked, you can restore as many Shattered Weapons as you want. They come with 2 random stat boosts and a powered-up weapon skill; it may take a few tries to get a combination you like. Ones you don’t like can be salvaged at the Devourer to get some Radium back.

V Rising does a great job of encouraging players to interact with their worlds to advance. We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide; see more like this in our V Rising section.