V Rising Devs Say Next Update Will be Full Release

The update will take around a year to complete.

Stunlock Studios, developers of the highly-popular indie game V Rising, has been hard at work in their Sweden-based studio, focusing on bug fixes and new content creation. Their efforts have been fueled by active participation and feedback from the community following the first update. 

The full release of V Rising is a significant milestone and promises a grand conclusion to the vampire legend, marking the start of players’ reign as the apex predator of Vardoran. This signifies the end of the ascension but the beginning of the legend, providing a satisfying conclusion to this chapter while leaving room for more adventures.

The introduction of Secrets of Gloomrot has added layers to the gameplay and refined progression. The team is aiming for the next update to be V Rising’s full 1.0 release, which is expected to take around a year to develop. This will involve further developing existing systems, exploring new features, and adding more content. According to the developers:

We’re aiming to make the next update V Rising’s full release, the big 1.0, and it will require a similar development timeframe as Gloomrot of around a year.

The full release of V Rising will provide a satisfying conclusion to the adventure-focused PvE side of the survival experience. The team also plans to enhance its internal tools to streamline its work process, which will pave the way for improved efficiency and a smoother workflow beyond 1.0.

The developers have assured players that reaching a “complete” version of the game does not mark the end of V Rising’s development. The game has room to evolve and grow even in its finished state.

Read the full Stunlock Studios Steam announcement for more information. 

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