V Rising: Domina The Blade Dancer Boss Guide

Show this sadomasochist why she should fear the night with our latest V Rising guide for Domina The Blade Dancer.

Domina the Blade Dancer is a Gloomrot South boss in V Rising. She’s a powerful attacker with a frightening personality. She gave us more trouble than Ziva, so all the more reason to write this and share our hard-earned lessons. Continue reading for our Domina the Blade Dancer boss guide

Domina the Blade Dancer Guide

We recommend fighting Ziva the Engineer first. With her Radium Alloy recipe, you can build and use the Ancestral Forge to repair Ancestral Weapons. These weapons come with 2 stat modifiers and a weapon skill that applies a status effect. We personally enjoy Spell Critical Chance and Spell Life Leech but feel free to experiment.

Combine these with the Merciless Hollowfang Armor set and at least a Scourgestone Amulet. Better yet, spend some time farming enemies who will often drop recipes for upgrades to the latter. We’re partial to Pendant of the Dawnrunner for this fight; again, the movement speed will help keep you out of harm’s way. 

You can also get Movement Speed from the Rogue blood type or Life Leech from Brute. Most of the town’s defenders have these blood types.

We recommend the following spells:

  • Veil of Illusion from Maja the Dark Savant (Northeast Dunley)
  • Blood Rage from Rufus the Foreman (Central Farbane)
  • Raging Tempest from Octavia the Militia Captain (North Dunley)
  • Chaos Volley from Lidia the Chaos Archer (Wanders Farbane)

Domina the Blade Dancer Location

Domina hangs out in Rustlock Village, on the west edge of Gloomrot South. Unfortunately, the town is also garrisoned by several troops, especially at the entrances to the town. You should start by peeling off as many of these defenders as possible. The town has several small houses; ducking into them can buy a few seconds to use a Blood Rose Brew or Potion.

We like to approach the town from the South; Mutants like to attack from this direction, including a powerful Flesh Golem. This monster can kill many defenders and even hurt Domina herself. Just make sure to engage her before the fight ends, as she’ll start healing once she’s out of combat.

V Rising: Domina The Blade Dancer Location
Screenshot: Gamer Digest/V Rising

Domina the Blade Dancer Boss Fight

Domina is built around electric attacks and high mobility. Her allies make evasion nearly impossible, which is why we take them down first. We cannot stress that part enough; railgunners will hem you in, and tractor beamers will drag you around at the worst times.

Her main attack is a series of 3 kicks. These have excellent reach for a melee attack, and she can pivot on the third kick. Veil of Illusion lets you dodge the first two kicks, then recast to dodge the third. She also has a jumping axe kick she can use as a gap closer, along with grabbing players with her whip. 

Domina the Blade Dancer Boss Fight
Screenshot: Gamer Digest/V Rising

Most of her attacks can be avoided by side-stepping during her wind-up. Blood Rage will help you deal damage and regain health. Chaos Volley is good for when it’s too dangerous to approach her. Raging Tempest is your panic button; on top of dealing great damage, you can’t be hit during the animation. Use Tendon Swing from the Reaper or Smack from the Mace if you need breathing room.

One of her big moves has her breakdance while dealing electric damage in a wide area. Do not try to block this. Use your Dash to get out of the way or take serious damage. She always announces this attack, so you have time to react.

She’ll signal the second stage of the fighting by briefly lifting into the air while electrically charged; use this moment to heal. After, she’ll add new attacks and make her existing ones more complex. The third kick will fire 4 spheres in a spread pattern, and her whip will drop you in the path of a lightning strike. Her breakdance attack now fires shots for an extra threat. Sometimes, she will switch to ‘skating’ on her metal legs before dashing at you; this always happens twice. Side-step as before, or be stunned.

Domina the Blade Dancer Boss Fight V Rising Screenshot
Screenshot: Gamer Digest/V Rising

She gets 1 last attack at low health: she’ll stand still and fire off electric projectiles, similar to her mk2 breakdance attack. These projectiles are much faster and can’t be easily avoided; you’re better off ducking behind something. 

Domina the Blade Dancer Rewards

Domina grants the Polarity Shift spell and Castle Teleporter recipe. Polarity Shift lets you switch places with an enemy, making it great for offense or defense. The Castle Teleporters are useful for bigger castles, especially now that you can build up to 3 stories.

Domina seems to enjoy this fight much more than we did. We’re just glad to move on to the next boss. 10/10 on those breakdancing moves, though.

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I am genuinely impressed with how obnoxious tractor beamers are as an enemy. Well played, Stunlock Studios.