Where to Get Cotton Yarn in V Rising

Learn where to get Cotton Yarn in V RIsing so you can start crafting tier two gear and increase your item level.

Cotton Yarn is a resource in V Rising that is used in crafting tier two armor pieces in addition to the Tailoring Bench, which is where you’ll be making the armor. If you’re first starting in Dunley Farmlands after making your way up from Farbane Woods, you might be wondering where to get Cotton Yarn in V Rising.

Where to find Cotton Yarn in V Rising

To find Cotton Yarn in V Rising:

  • Loot it from Militia Encampments
  • Craft it at a Loom

Looting Cotton Yarn

These are the two primary methods for obtaining Cotton Yarn. You may have a few pieces in your inventory and wonder how they got there. Similar to Coarse Thread, Cotton Yarn is found at human camps, which are usually labeled as Militia Encampments in Dunley Farmlands. Open up your map and look for any location with humans, typically those that list Wool Thread and Cotton as important resources.

V Rising - Dawnbreak Village

In the Militia zones, it is possible to find Cotton Yarn inside of barrels, chests, and off of enemies. However, this is not a reliable way to stack up the resources. Instead, you’ll want to craft it yourself.

Crafting Cotton Yarn

Cotton Yarn is a locked recipe in V Rising, and you’ll need to obtain it by defeating Beatrice the Tailor at Dawnbreak Village and obtaining her V Blood. Once you defeat Beatrice, you’ll unlock the following rewards:

  • Structures: Loom, Curtains
  • Powers: Human Form
  • Recipes: Cotton Yarn, Cloth, Hunter’s Cloak
V Rising Beatrice Rewards
Beatrice V Blood Rewards – V Rising

Once the Cotton Yarn recipe is unlocked, you can build a Loom for 20 Planks, 12 Copper Ingots, and 4 Wool Thread. Using the Loom, you can craft one Cotton Yarn for 20 Cotton. You can harvest cotton with Iron Slashers at any Cotton Farm in Dunley Farmlands. Beware, though, because most Cotton Farms contain Garlic, which is a pretty brutal debuff!

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