How to Get The General’s Soul Reaper in V Rising

Everything you need to know about how to unlock The General's Soul Reaper hidden recipe in V Rising!

There are dozens of different weapons to craft and experiment with in V Rising. Depending on what type of vampire you want to play, you may prefer to play as a spell caster, a ranged damage dealer, or an up and close slice and dicer. For the latter, there’s a hidden weapon in the game that can tear up the undead units to help you farm that Grave Dust even easier. Here’s how to get The General’s Soul Reaper in V Rising, including the recipe and where to find it.

How to get The General’s Soul Reaper in V RIsing

The General’s Soul Reaper is a recipe in V Rising learned by consuming a unique Orb of Knowledge. The General’s Soul Reaper Orb of Knowledge has a chance to drop from the Undead Commander, an elite monster that roams around various areas of Dunley Farmlands, including the Church of the Damned and the Haunted Mine.

When you obtain The General’s Soul Reaper Orb of Knowledge, you can click on it in your inventory to learn the recipe. Once the recipe is known, you can craft the item at a Smithy.

The General’s Soul Reaper Recipe

The General’s Soul Reaper recipe is:

  • 3 Regular Miststone
  • 3 Greater Blood Essence
  • 18 Iron Ingot
  • 12 Plank
  • 90 Gem Dust
How to Get The General's Soul Reaper Recipe in V Rising
The General’s Soul Reaper Recipe in V Rising

The General’s Soul Reaper Stats

The General’s Soul Reaper has the following stats:

  • 18 Gear Level
  • +18.5 Physical Power
  • +25% Physical Damage to Undead
  • +6 Spell Power
  • +5% Spell Critical Strike Chance
  • Durability: 1873

It is a two-handed weapon that deals slash damage and has a greater effect on undead units. Upon equipping the weapon, you get access to the following skills:

  1. Primary Attack – Perform a combo of melee attacks dealing 50% / 50% / 55% physical damage.
  2. Tendon Swing – Swing your reaper, dealing 125% physical damage to nearby enemies, knocking them back, and inflicting a two-second fading snare.
  3. Howling Reaper – Throw a howling reaper that spins in place, dealing 20% physical damage every 0.25 seconds for 2.5 seconds. The initial projectile hit slows enemies for 1.5 seconds.

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V Rising is currently available on Steam.