How to Repair Items in V Rising

Learn how to repair your items in V Rising if they are running low on durability.

Like any survival and crafting game, items in V Rising have a certain durability level that decreases over time with heavy use. As you’re busy slaying foes in vampiric fashion, your items will inevitably take damage and need to get repaired. However, unlike some other games, there’s no dedicated repair bench. In fact, the repair process is much easier in this game, as long as you have the materials on hand. So, how do you repair items in V Rising? Let’s take a look.

How to repair items in V Rising

To repair items in V Rising, bring up your character screen and press the middle-mouse button on the individual item you want to repair. Before you can repair an item, you can hover over it to see what materials you need to repair it. Armor, for example, will require cloth, leather, and sometimes metal. A necklace or ring, on the other hand, might require gems, glass, and more exotic metals.

It’s also important to understand how durability works. Each piece of equipment on your character, except for the helmet and cloak, has a durability level. You can hover over each item and find the current and overall durability at the bottom of the item’s tooltip. 

If an item is nearing 30% durability, it will show up as yellow above your character’s blood pool, indicating that you need to repair it. If an item breaks, it will become useless and decrease your overall gear score until it is repaired.

V Rising character screen item repair

Does upgrading a weapon repair it?

Upgrading an item does full repair the item in V Rising. So, if you are planning to upgrade a weapon that needs repairs, repairing it beforehand is redundant and a waste of resources. For example, crafting the Merciless gear will use the base item in its upgrade recipe. The recipe will consume the base item, and your new item will have 100% durability.

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