What Are Silver Coins Used for in V Rising?

Here's everything you need to know about Silver Coins in V Rising, including how to get the currency and its uses.

Silver Coins are a type of currency in V Rising, but what are they used for exactly? Silver is considered a holy and sacred metal and is said to have antibacterial properties. The metal has adverse effects on impure forces like vampires, undead, and werewolves. V Rising stays true to this tradition, which means carrying Silver while in vampire form will not be an enjoyable experience. 

Picking up Silver Coins puts a “carrying silver” debuff on your character. The debuff makes you take damage over time, and the silver glowing effect to denote the debuff is visible to other players around you. How much Silver you’re carrying and your character’s silver resistance affects the damage you take over time. Players can negate this damage using potions and brews. Items that can improve your silver resistance include:

  • Silver Resistance Brew
  • Silver Resistance Potions

What are Silver Coins used for in V Rising?

Silver Coins are a currency used in V Rising to trade with merchants while in human form. Players can exchange Silver Coins with merchants for various cosmetic items, potions, and gems.

Human form unlocks after defeating Beatrice the Tailor at Dawnbreak Village, a tier two area located in Dunley Farmlands. You must be in human form to trade with merchants. The form also allows you to sneak into human villages and camps and steal coins from containers, barrels, and other containers while avoiding enemies. Beware, upon looting things, you will break your stealth.

Merchants that accept Silver Coins in V Rising

The following NPCs in V Rising accept Silver Coins:

  • Gavyn the Shady Dealer
  • Berk the Traveling Trader
  • Ottar the Merchant

Merchants sell potions and cosmetic items like helmets, but their primary item is gems. Depending on the merchant’s location, the gems can range from basic gems to flawless gems.

What are Silver Coins used for in V Rising
Silver Coins in a container, V Rising

Gavyn the Shady Dealer

Gavyn the Shady Dealer is located in Farbane Woods.

V Rising - Gavyn the Shader Dealer Location
V Rising – Gavyn the Shader Dealer Location

Berk the Travelling Trader

Berk the Travelling Trader is located at Dunley Farmlands, wandering the road south of Dawnbreak Village.

V Rising - Berk the Traveling Trader Location
V Rising – Berk the Travelling Trader Location

Berk the Travelling Trader has the following items for sale:

  • Deer Head (300 Silver Coins)
  • Wolf Head (300 Silver Coins)
  • Bear Head (300 Silver Coins)
  • Blood Rose Potion (45 Silver Coins)
  • Garlic Resistance Potion (55 Silver Coins)
  • Holy Resistance Potion (60 Silver Coins)
  • Sunflower Seed (45 Silver Coin)
  • Regular Gems (24 Silver Coins)

Ottar the Merchant

Ottar the Merchant is located at a house in Brighthaven Slums in the Silverlight Hills zone.

V Rising – Ottar the Merchant

Ottar the Merchant has the following items for sale:

  • Ashfolk Helmet (550 Silver)
  • Mitre (550 Silver)
  • Ghost Shroom Spores (200 Silver)
  • Highland Lotus Seeds (200 Silver)
  • Major Explosive Box (110 Silver)
  • Flawless Gems (120 Silver)

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