Where to Get Whetstone in V Rising

Learn how to get Whetstone in V Rising, including where to find it and how to unlock the crafting recipe for it.

Whetstone is an important blacksmithing material, typically used for cutting tools and crafting objects. It’s a real-life material, but it’s also featured in many video games, including the vampiric crafting and survival game V Rising. If you’re in the process of leveling up your character and crafting gear, you might be wondering where to get Whetstone in V Rising. Luckily, there are two solid options.

Where to Get Whetstone in V Rising

To get Whetstone in V Rising:

  • Loot it from a bandit territory
  • Craft it at a furnace

Whetstone Locations

The first time you find Whetstone will likely be at the Bandit Armory, Bandit Encampment, or Bandit Stronghold. The fortified bandit outposts are home to many enemies, stockpiles of animals, and other scavenged goods. Specifically, you’ll usually find all kinds of blacksmithing supplies like Whetstone, stone, ore, and goods like paper, leather, and animal hides. Break barrels, boxes, and other objects in any of the marked zones for a chance to find Whetstone.

Where to Get Whetstone in V Rising - Locations
V Rising Location – Bandit Armory loot includes Whetstone and Stone Dust

There are many areas around the map to find Whetstone, but the three areas mentioned above are the ones you’ll encounter early on in V Rising. If you start in the Farbane Woods, these bandit outposts and camps are fairly common. Just pull open your map with the “M” key, hover over the territories with your mouse, and take a gander at which resources are available.

Crafting Whetstone

Aside from looting Whetstone, you can also craft it, which is a much more reliable method. The recipe to make Whetstone in V Rising is:

  • 1 Copper Ingot
  • 12 Stone Dust
V Rising - Craft Whetstone at Furnace
Crafting Whetstone in a Furnace

The copper ingot is made in a furnace using 20 copper ore. Stone Dust is a byproduct is refining Stone into Stone Brick at the Grinder.

Unlocking the Whetstone Recipe

Whetstone is not a recipe that is immediately available, though. To unlock the Whetstone recipe in V Rising, you must defeat Grayson the Armourer. Grayson is the “working arm and logistical mastermind of the bandit forces.” It’s not too difficult a fight, and simply visit your Blood Altar and track him to find his location.

Unlocking the Whetstone Recipe V Rising
V Blood, Grayson the Armourer

After defeating Grayson, you can head back to your castle, grab the materials from your Grinder and Furnace, and start crafting some Whetstone. Early game recipes requiring Whetstone include the Grinder, the Merciless Hunter’s Crossbow, and other hidden recipes:

  • Grinder
  • Merciless Hunter’s Crossbow