Valheim Bosses: All 6 Bosses and Where to Find Them

These are all the bosses in Valheim, including which biome to find them in, what they drop, and how to beat them.

Bosses are legendary creatures that rule over specific biomes in Valheim. They are generally the strongest monster of their corresponding biome, with large health pools and high damage output. Valheim is an open-world game, but you will likely progress in a way such that you’ll encounter all six bosses in order. Below is a list and a rundown of all the bosses in Valheim.

All Bosses in Valheim

There are currently six bosses in Valheim:

Boss NameBiome
The ElderBlack Forest
The QueenMistlands


Valheim boss: Eikthyr
Screenshot: Valheim

Boss Name: Eikthyr
Biome: Meadows
Rewards: Eikthyr Trophy

Eikthyr is a large stag that inhabits The Meadows, which is the starting biome in Valheim. Attacks from Eikthyr can be blocked using a wooden shield. Players should attack Eikthyr after blocking an attack. The easiest way to defeat this boss is by using a bow and keeping a distance. Some players may prefer to build a small platform to avoid getting hit.

Eikthyr drops the Eikthyr Trophy, which reduces stamina loss from sprinting a jumping.

The Elder

Valheim: The Elder
Screenshot: Valheim

Boss Name: The Elder
Biome: Black Forest
Rewards: The Elder Trophy

The Elder is the second boss, a giant tree-like creature that inhabits the Black Forest biome. Fire attacks are especially effective against The Elder. In party-play, one player should be designated tank and remain closest to the boss at all times. The remaining players should use ranged weapons to widdle away The Elder’s health.

One viable strategy is using flaming arrows and campfires to keep The Elder on fire at all times. Rotate around the four pillars after each attack to avoid being hit. Slowly burn the boss down until it dies.

The Elder drops The Elder Trophy, which allows the wielder to chop down trees much faster.


Valheim boss: Bonemass
Screenshot: Valheim

Boss Name: Bonemass
Biome: Swamps
Rewards: Bonemass Trophy

Bonemass is the third boss in Valheim, a giant bloated monstrosity that inhabits the Swamp biome. Bonemass and its minions are weak against blunt damage, making clubs an effective weapon-type. Players may also want to use Poison resistance mead to counteract the poison damage by 75%. Bows are not very effective, but frost arrows may be used to deal moderate damage at range.

Bonemass drops Wish Bone and the Bonemass Trophy, which provides resistance to blunt, slash, and pierce damage.


Valheim boss: Moder
Screenshot: Valheim

Boss Name: Moder
Biome: Mountains
Rewards: Moder Trophy

Moder is the fourth boss in Valheim, a giant dragon that guards the Mountains biome. Bows are effective against Moder, especially when equipped with poison arrows. Having all players used ranged weapons is the most effective strategy for defeating Moder.

Moder drops the Moder Trophy, which is a useful Forsaken power for sailing. The power adds a tailwind when you activate it while sailing.


Valheim boss: Yagluth
Screenshot: Valheim

Boss Name: Yagluth
Biome: Plains
Rewards: Yagluth Trophy

Yagluth is the fifth boss, a large skeletal monster that inhabits the Plains. Frost arrows are especially effective against Yagluth. Spirit damage weapons like Silver Sword and Frostner are also effective against Yagluth.

Yagluth drops the Yagluth Trophy on death, which is a Forsaken power that grants resistance to fire, frost, and lightning damage.

The Queen

The Queen Valheim
Screenshot: Valheim

Boss Name: The Queen
Biome: Mistlands
Rewards: The Queen Trophy

The Queen is the most recent boss, a gigantic insect-monster that inhabits the Hive found in The Mistlands. Players should procure the Feather Cape before fighting The Queen, as the boss has lots of knockback and the cape will negate fall damage. Wisplight is also recommended to make the fight more manageable in terms of being able to see.

Healing meads are recommended for this fight, as ranged weapons are not especially effective, and players will inevitably take damage. Having a base nearby is a useful strategy to regenerate health between sessions. Carapace armor is an effective armor set to wear, and area-of-effect damage weapons like Polearms and Demolisher can make quick work of the Seeker Broos.

Eitr-weave set is also helpful against The Queen, as ranged magic damage can be very effective. We recommend at least one player use Staff of Embers or Staff of Frost.

Those are all six bosses in Valheim at this time. As the game still regularly receives updates, there will likely be more bosses added in the future. We will update our list when new bosses arrive in Valheim.

The Queen drops the Queen Trophy, which increases mining speed and Eitr regeneration by 100%.