Valheim: Where to Find Infested Mines in the Mistlands

Having trouble finding the entrance to the Infested Mines in Valheim?
Valheim: Where to Find Infested Mines in the Mistlands

The Mistlands is a scary new biome introduced in the December 6 update for Valheim. Before the update, it was available on a public test branch, and gamers were lauding it as the most challenging area in the game to date. One of the most dangerous areas, in particular, is a dungeon called the Infested Mines. 

We only saw two other types of dungeons in Valheim before this: the Burial Chambers and Troll Caves — both of which are located in the Black Forest — so a new dungeon is a welcome addition. These dungeons were home to skeletons and trolls, which were scary as a low-level Viking, but pale compared to what awaits you in the Mistlands’ Infested Mines.

Where to Find Infested Mines in Valheim

Infested Mines are found randomly throughout the Mistlands. The entrance to the mines will either be in the basements of abandoned Dvergrhomes or up a set of stairs leading to a hall between a bunch of protruding rocks. Hugin will appear out front to speak with you when you find one.

The spawn location of infested mines is random and depends on your Valheim world seed. However, the ones we found were generally inside abandoned Dvergrhomes. If there are no Dvergr NPCs in a base and they are instead infested with Seekers, there’s likely an entrance to an Infested Mine.

Valheim Infested Mine Entrance

We’re not sure if this is always the case, but in our experience, this has been true for the few Infested Mines we’ve explored. There’s usually some yellow goo covering the entrance to the mines. That’s a good way to tell if you’re on the right track. The Infested Mines is home to various treasures and deadly enemies. 

The Infested Mines contains a few endgame materials, including Royal JellySealbreaker FragmentsBlack CoresMandiblesSeeker Meatand Blood Bags. It also contains enemies like Seekers, Seeker Brood, Seeker Soldiers, and Ticks. The soldiers are very strong, especially if they are starred-elites, so be careful.

Some instances of the Infested Mines may also contain hidden doors that lead to secret loot chambers. These chambers may contain things like Dvergr treasure chests, Black Cores, and Gold Coins. Some rooms you can access via a hidden door, and others are boarded up and require brute force.

That’s everything you need to know about where to find Infested Mines in Valheim’s new Mistlands biome! For more guides and walkthroughs, you can visit our Valheim Section.

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