Valheim: Where to Find Black Cores

Having trouble finding Black Cores in the Mistlands?

Black Cores are a material you’ll need a lot of in Valheim if you want to get through the Mistlands biome. Unfortunately, these things are stuffed away inside perhaps the most dangerous area in the game. So, where do you get Black Cores? Let’s find out.

Where to Find Black Cores in Valheim

Black Cores are located inside the Infested Mines found in the Mistlands biome. Infested Mines can be tricky to locate, but you can usually find them in the basement of abandoned Dvergrhomes randomly scattered throughout the Mistlands. These mines contain lost treasure that is now guarded by horrific creatures.

When you find an Infested Mine, you’ll find Black Cores in random corridors sitting in front of altars. See the image below for our screenshot of a Black Core inside an Infested Mine.

Valheim Black Cores

Our best advice is to explore these Infested Mines the best you can, and you’re bound to find what you need. However, we do need to advise caution because these mines are hazardous.

We recommend coming in with full food buffs and the best gear in the game. Potions are a must, and the monsters you’ll encounter include Seekers, Ticks, and more monsters of the elite variety. Just come prepared and take your time exploring. If we were to recommend some weapons, Staff of Embers is a solid option to take into the Infested Mines.

In addition to Black Cores, you can also find the Sealbreaker fragment inside Infested Mines, which is a key to unlocking the boss battle in the Mistlands. You’ll also find other materials like Royal Jelly, Seeker Carapaces, Seeker Meat, and Blood Clots.

Black Cores are a required crafting material for various items and structures, including the Galdr Table and the Eitr refinery.

That’s more or less everything you need to know to find Black Cores in Valheim. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions. Remember, these Infested Mines are somewhat rare, but you should find some by wandering around large Mistlands biomes.

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