Valheim: How to Get Refined Eitr in Mistlands

Here's everything you need to collect from the world to create Refined Eitr in the Valheim Mistlands update.

The long-anticipated Valheim Mistlands update is officially live for everyone, and that means there’s tons of new stuff to explore. To craft many of the new things, you will need to get Refined Eitr. Of course, that material comes from the new biome. So, how exactly do you get it? Let’s dive in and find out.

How to Get Refined Eitr in Valheim

In order to get Refined Eitr, you will need to do the following inside Valheim:

  1. Build and place an Eitr Refinery.
  2. Place Sap at the bottom of the Eitr Refinery.
  3. Place Soft Tissue at the top of the Eitr Refinery.
  4. Wait for the Refined Eitr to process.

You get 1 Refined Eitr for every 1 Sap and Soft Tissue processed. When the Refined Eitr is done processing, it will spit out of the bottom of the Refinery. Obtaining the Eitr Refinery, Sap, and Soft Tissue takes some doing, so we’ve detailed the steps on how to do this below.

Building an Eitr Refinery

The first step to get refined Eitr is to build an Eitr Refinery. To build an Eitr Refinery, you need the following materials:

  • 20 Black Marble
  • 5 Black Metal
  • 5 Yggdrasil Wood
  • 5 Black Core
  • 3 Sap
  • Workbench 

Black Marble is obtained by using a Black Metal Pickaxe on the Petrified bone, the large skulls, and ribcages found around the Mistlands. Yggdrasil wood comes from chopping down the Yggdrasil trees with a Black Metal Axe. Black Cores can be found inside Infested Mines, either randomly lying around the dungeon or behind hidden doors. 

Sap is extracted from ancient roots by using a Sap Extractor. The ancient roots are drained of energy over time. The less energy the roots have, the less sap is generated. Roots regenerate over time, but it takes a few days (in-game time), so you’ll need a bunch of roots. A good rule of thumb is to place a few sap extractors all around the world wherever you can and then harvest the sap daily.

Valheim Ancient Roots
Screenshot: Valheim

Building a Sap Extractor

Sap Extractor requires the following materials:

  • 10 Yggdrasil Wood
  • 5 Black Metal
  • 1 Dvergr Extractor
  • Workbench

Where to find a Dvergr Extractor

The Dvergr Extractor is found inside the Dvergr settlements or outposts around the Mistlands biome. Now, there are a few different layouts for the settlements. Here’s where the Dvergr Extractors are in each outpost layout.

  • Tall Dvergr outposts: second floor inside a crate
  • Small Dvergr outposts: on the roof inside a crate
  • Dvergr outposts with basements: in the basement inside a crate
  • Dvergr excavation site: next to the ward in the back inside a crate or inside the wooden cart

Destroy the crate in any Dvergr outpost to get the Extractor, but be warned because the NPCs will attack you once you do this. So, clear it out beforehand.

Where to find a Dvergr Extractor
Screenshot: Valheim

Finding Soft Tissue

Soft Tissue is found inside the giant bone skulls lying around the Mistlands. Crack open the skulls with your pickaxe, and you should find the brain, which gives you Soft Tissue. You can mine the brain as you would any other sort of node to harvest some Soft Tissue. You usually get around 30-60 Soft Tissue per skull.

That’s not the only way to get Soft Tissue, though! You can also loot Soft Tissue inside crates that you find inside Dvergr Outposts. It’s a good idea to loot these while looking for your Devegr Extractor. The Dvergr NPCs themselves may also drop this material if you kill them.

Screenshot: Valheim

That’s about all you need to know to get Refined Eitr in Valheim as of the Mistlands update.

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