Valheim: Things to Know for the Mistlands Update

The Mistlands update is officially live for Valheim, and here are a few things you should know before venturing out there.

You can read the Valheim Mistlands patch notes here to get a full overview of what’s new and changed from the previous version. There’s a bunch of exciting stuff to explore in the new biome known as Mistlands, and we’re here to give you an overview of some secrets, tips, and general things to know and keep in mind before venturing out there.

To start things off, we have one tip that might help you survive this brutal biome. Mistlands is, well, misty. The fog density is high, and your vision is impaired. That means you will need to rely primarily on audio to figure out if enemies are nearby. Because of this, you may want to go into your settings and turn down the music slider. 

Petrified Bone, Black Marble, and Soft Tissue

In the Mistlands, you will encounter large bone ribcages scattered throughout the land. You can destroy these to obtain Black Marble, a new resource that can be used in higher-end crafting recipes. The skulls contain a little extra something. If you break through the top of the skull, you’ll find a big old brain, which is called Soft Tissue. 

Soft Tissue is something you need to obtain refined eitr. The Soft Tissue is similar to other nodes, where you can like it like a vein to get the resource. You should get somewhere between 30 and 60 Soft Tissue for each brain hollow out. 

It’s also worth noting that the rib cages are often buried pretty far underground. Therefore, you may want to consider excavating them by mining the terrain around them so you can maximize your yield or Black Marble.

Ancient Roots and Sap

Sap is a new material harvested from the Mistlands and comes from energized Ancient Roots. Look for the illuminated veins on the roots to get a feel for how full of energy they are; the patterns will become dim over time as their energy decreases. You can harvest the sap from the roots with a Sap Extractor. The roots regenerate more sap over time.

To get a better idea, you can point your cursor at the roots and look for the text that says, “The ancient root’s glow is fading” or “The ancient root seems all dried up.” Likewise, if the roots are ready for harvest, it will say, “The ancient root is pulsating with energy.”

Valheim Mistlands Ancient Roots

Ancient Swords and Armor

Similar to the large bone remains, you’ll encounter large metal swords and armor scattered throughout the Mistlands in Valheim. These also usually are partly underground, so make sure to excavate them. If you dig out the Ancient Sword and then break it, the entire thing should crumble so you can harvest the Scrap Iron all at once.

Valheim Mistlands Ancient Swords and Armor

Dvergr Outposts

You will encounter Dvergr outposts during your adventures through the Mistlands. These outposts can contain Soft Tissue and other resources, but they’re also pretty nice structures that you can use as a base. You can sneak around the outposts using your crouch ability to raise your sneaking skill.

Once inside, you can destroy the Ward in any of the Devergr Outposts to take them over. As a word of caution, once you destroy the Ward, the Devergr rogues, mages, and other enemies will become hostile, so it’s probably a good idea to take them out first before you claim the outposts are your own.

After you remove the Ward, you can interact with the doors to the outposts. The next thing to do is repair the base’s walls by making a Stonecutter table and placing it anywhere inside. Then, use your hammer to start repairing the base. Taking over a Devergr Outpost is a great way to get a base for safety as soon as you venture to the Mistlands.

Dvegr Outposts


Ticks are a creature specific to the Mistlands, and there’s no doubt these little bugs are super annoying. They’ll latch onto you, and you can roll around to get the ticks off. Once you get them off, use a weapon with area-of-effect damage and knockback, like the Iron Sledge or Polearm, to destroy them all at once. 

Valheim Mistlands Ticks


The Gjall is a new enemy native to the Mistlands. We’re not going to give too much away about these, but just know that you can use your harpoon to drag them down to ground level, so your party can attack them more easily.

Valheim Mistlands Gjall

Those are a few things to know and keep in mind as you brave the new Mistlands biome in Valheim. If you want more guides and walkthroughs, visit our Valheim Section. We’ll keep you up-to-date with more tips, tricks, and tutorials as we explore the Mistlands ourselves.