Valheim: How to Craft the Feather Cape

Here's how you can craft yourself a Feather Cape in Valheim.
Valheim Feather Cape Appearance

There are lots of new items to explore in Valheim, including magic items like staves and the Eitr-weave set, and there’s one cape in particular that a lot of people are looking to craft. In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about crafting the feather cape in Valheim.

Feather Cape Crafting Requirements in Valheim

The Feather Cape can be crafted at the Galdr Table using 10 Feathers, 5 Scale Hide, and 20 Refined Eitr.

Feather Cape Crafting Requirements in Valheim

These ingredients are not all that difficult to gather, but the Refined Eitr will take a while when you first start in the Mistlands. Also, the materials to make the Galdr Table will require some grinding. The Galdr Table requires 20 Yggdrasil Wood, 10 Black Metal, 5 Black Core, 5 Refined Eitr, and a Workbench.

Feathers drop from Seagulls and can also be randomly found inside chests around the in-game world. The easiest place to get feathers is by going to the Meadows and shooting Seagulls with your bow. You can also look for the small wooden shacks and loot the chests inside them, as they’ll usually contain feathers.

Valheim Mistlands Hut

Scale Hide comes from the Hares in the Mistlands. These are a new enemy type, and they’re pretty quick on their feet. They are plentiful, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding any. Mistlands Hares drop Hare meat and Scale Hide.

Valheim Mistlands Hare

The toughest ingredient to find on the list is Refined Eitr. We have an entire guide dedicated to getting Refined Eitr, so we recommend giving it a readthrough if you’re unsure where to get it. In short, you’ll need Brain Tissue, Sap, and an Eitr Refinery.

Feather Cape Stats

  • Weight: 4.0
  • Durability: 1200
  • Armor: 1
  • Damage modifier: Resistant VS Frost
  • Feather Fall: What is gravity but an effect of entropy? Limited fall speed by 5 meters per second and reduces fall damage by 100%.

The Feather Cape completely negates fall damage and allows you to glide. While gliding, you can control your fall and aim where you’re gliding, so this can be useful for getting around the map quicker in mountainous areas and areas with rocky terrain like the Mistlands.

Valheim Feather Cape Gliding

That’s everything you need to know about how to get the Feather Cape in Valheim. If you were unsure about it, I hope this guide helps you out. You can find more guides and walkthroughs in our Valheim section.

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