Valheim: All Fish and Fishing Bait (Mistlands)

Here's a complete list of all the fish and fish bait in Valheim, and a quick guide on how to start fishing.

Valheim players are excited to voyage out to the Mistlands and explore the new biome, and we are too, but we’re also very excited about this patch’s fishing update. If you’ve opened your skill tab, you may have already noticed the new Fishing skill. We’re here to show you how to get started with fishing in Valheim and provide a list of all the fish and fish bait added in the Valheim Mistlands update.

How to Start Fishing in Valheim

To begin fishing in Valheim, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Equip a fishing rod and right-click any fishing bait to equip it.
  2. Left-click to cast your fishing rod. The longer you hold left click, the further the cast.
  3. Wait for a fish to bite, and then hold right-click to reel it in.
  4. Press the E key to pick up the fish when it’s close.

Players will need a Fishing rod and Fishing bait to start fishing in Valheim. Both of these can be purchased from Haldor; the bait costs 10 gold, and the Fishing rod costs 350 gold. That means you’ll need a total of 360 gold before heading out to find Haldor.

Valheim Haldor merchant, Fishing Rod and Fishing Bait

With your Fishing rod in hand, open up your inventory and right-click the type of bait you want to use. To start, you’ll be using the normal Fishing Bait. Pull out the Fishing rod and left-click to cast. Even if you don’t see any fish in the water, they will likely come after you cast your line.

Just like in real life, patience is key in fishing. Sit back, relax, and when the fish bites, reel it in. You can expect to wait a few minutes before getting a bite, and when one does bite, the bobber will move up and down. If you’re having trouble, try moving around and looking for fish swimming around before casting the rod. 

Valheim fishing off the pier

Valheim Fish and Fish Bait

We have a complete list of all the fish and fish bait that you can currently find in Valheim. You can also find the recipes for crafting specific fish bait, how to unlock it, the biome you can use the fish bait in, and what kind of fish it attracts.

All Fish in Valheim

These are all the fish currently in Valheim, as of the Mistlands update:

  • Perch
  • Giant Herring
  • Pike
  • Grouper
  • Trollfish
  • Tuna
  • Anglerfish
  • Magmafish
  • Northern Salmon
  • Coral cod
  • Pufferfish

All Fish Bait in Valheim

BaitHow to UnlockRecipeBiomeAttracts
Cold BaitTunaTuna, Ulv TrophyMeadowsPike
Fishing BaitSold by HaldorMeadowsPerch
Frosty BaitMagmafishMagmafish, Drake TrophyDeep NorthNorthern Salmon
Heavy BaitSerpent TrophyPike, Serpent TrophyOceanCoral Cod
Hot BaitAngler FishAngler Fish, Surtling TrophyAshlandsMagma Fish
Misty BaitPlains GrouperGrouper, Lox TrophyMistlandsAngler Fish, Tuna, Pufferfish
Mossy BaitPerchPerch, Troll TrophyBlack ForestTrollfish
Sticky BaitTrollfishTrollfish, Abomination TrophySwampGiant Herring
Stingy BaitGiant HerringGiant Herring, Fuling TrophyPlainsPlains Grouper, Tuna

How to Create Bait in Valheim

Bait is created at the Cauldron, and each type of bait requires a specific fish and trophy to craft. The complete list of recipes can be found in the table in the section above. Making bait only requires a level one Cauldron, so you’re good to go as soon as you get your Cauldron placed.

You can craft all bait except for the basic Fishing Bait, which is purchased from Haldor, the merchant. If you’re unsure how to find Haldor, he shows up as a bag of loot on your map and is found in one of the forest biomes. He spawns randomly on a forest biome island, but he’s usually about two or three islands out in any direction.

Note: You need to find the corresponding Trophy or fish to unlock a specific bait recipe.

What to do with Raw Fish in Valheim

After you catch a bunch of fish, you might be wondering what to do with them. One thing you can do is take them to the Cauldron and craft Raw Fish. Higher-quality fish give you more Raw Fish. You can add the Raw Fish to any cooking station to make Cooked Fish, a food that gives 45 Health & 15 Stamina and heals two hp per tick.

Fishing Tips

You can fish from a boat or pier the same way you would if you were on land. The piers in the Mistlands can be a good place to fish, especially if you have some Dvergr clan members near you. If an enemy comes to bother you while you’re fishing, the Dvergrs will take care of them!

That’s about everything you need to know about fish, fish bait, and everything fishing-related in Valheim’s Mistlands update. Hopefully, we were able to teach you something in our guide! Visit our Valheim section for more guides, walkthroughs, and news.