How to Unlock Moongolow in Vampire Survivors

Learn how to unlock the second bonus stage, "Moongolow," in Vampire Survivors.

Moongolow is a new bonus stage added in the Vampire Survivors 0.6.1 update released on May 23, 2022. It is the second bonus stage in the game, after II Molise. The level takes place under the sea and features a wide range of aquatic enemies never before seen in the game, as well as some returning foes. In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock Moongolow in Vampire Survivors and provide a list of hidden items and secrets on the stage.

How to Unlock Moongolow in Vampire Survivors

The Moongolow stage is unlocked after you unlock Hyper Mode for four other stages. If you have Hyper Mode unlocked on four other stages, you can load into any stage and then leave the game to unlock the Moongolow stage and its Hyper Mode modifier.

What items are on Moongolow?

Moongolow has all 16 passive weapons available for pickup immediately near the starting point. The weapons are in sets of four, and they are as follows (from top left to bottom right):

  • Skull O’Maniac
  • Clover
  • Stone Mask
  • Crown
  • Spinach
  • Candelabrador
  • Bracer
  • Spellbinder
  • Armor
  • Hollow Heart
  • Wings
  • Pummarola
  • Duplicator
  • Empty Tome
  • Attractorb
  • Tiragisu
Moongolow, Vampire Survivors

The map also features an NPC called the Glass Vizard.

Where is the Glass Vizard?

The Glass Vizard is a merchant located in the starting area of the Moongolow stage. Players can purchase six different power-ups and modifiers from the Vizard:

  1. Golden Egg – Permanently improves a random stat for the current character, by a tiny amount (0.01%) (10000 Gold)
  2. Bone – Throws a bouncing projectiles (1000 Gold)
  3. Carrello – Throws a bouncing projectile. Number of bounces affected by Amount. (1000 Gold)
  4. Glass Vizard – Summons the merchant in all stages. (10000 Gold)
  5. Cherry Bomb – Throws a bouncing projectile. Explodes, sometimes. (1000 Gold)
  6. Celestial Dusting – Throws a bouncing projectile. Cooldown reduces when moving. (1000 Gold)
The Glass Vizard, Vampire Survivors

You may want to purchase the Glass Vizard to unlock the achievement and have the merchant available on all stages. The main purpose of this merchant is for players to grind out Golden Eggs. These will increase a specific character’s stats, allowing you to make a character super strong.

Is there a secret ending in Moongolow?

There is a hidden in-game event called the Lunar Eclipse on Moongolow that is triggered when playing as a non-secret character. Around the 14-minute mark, when playing in Hyper Mode, the screen will become blurry, and several eyes will surround the player. The map’s background will also turn red, and it’s a trippy experience, to say the least. We recommend giving it a playthrough on Hyper Mode with a regular character!

Vampire Survivors Moongolow Secret Ending
Moongolow Secret Ending

Completing the Lunar Eclipse unlocks Holy Forbidden, which is a temporarily hidden level containing the Yellow Sign. Finishing Holy Forbidden is also how you unlock the Cappella Magna stage.

The Yellow Sign Relic

After defeating the boss at the end of Moongolow, players will be transported to a hidden section of Moongolow. The area consists of a long hallway in which players must attempt to get to the end by surviving. At the end of the path is the Yellow Sign Relic. The relic permanently allows detection of hidden items in all stages.

Yellow Sign Relic, Vampire Survivors
Yellow Sign Relic, Vampire Survivors

That’s how to unlock Moongolow in Vampire Survivors. If anything about this level changes, we’ll update our page to reflect it. Please comment below if you have anything to add!

Vampire Survivors is available for Windows and macOS via Steam.