Vampire Survivors 0.6.1 Adds New Stage, Two New Arcanas, and More

We have the update log and patch notes for the Vampire Survivor patch 0.6.1, which was released on May 23, 2022.

A new Vampire Survivors patch is now available, bringing the game to version 0.6.1. It’s a relatively small patch but includes lots of hidden bonuses and exciting content to unlock. Most notably, there’s a new bonus stage called Moongolow, which includes a small new mechanic that allows you to grind stats for different characters. Below, we’ll take a look at all of the new items and content added to Vampire Survivors in update 0.6.1.

Vampire Survivors Patch Notes for 0.6.1

Vampire Survivors added the following new content during update 0.6.1:

  • Five new achievements to unlock
  • One bonus stage
  • One relic to access two minor gameplay mechanics
  • Two new Arcanas
  • One more rank for the skip power-up


  • Halved base duration of Shadow Pinion and Valkyrie Turner
  • Shadow Pinion and Valkyrie Turner striking attack has a damage bonus depending on how long it has been “charged”
  • Arcana XIX – Heart of Fire also affects Valkyrie Turner’s striking attack and Phiera Der Tuphello
  • Every bonus point in Armor now also increases retaliatory damage by 10%. Retaliatory damage is currently inflicted by NO FUTURE and Arcana XIX
  • Music and music mods can now be previewed in stage selection screen
  • Rerolls can now be used to draft Arcanas


  • Unfortunately, due to one of the new game mechanics, the time has come to fix the Bone-stuck-in-the-boss glitch
    • Tentative fix to items sometimes not leveling up near the end of a run

New Mechanics

One of the new mechanics involves grinding small percent stat increases for your characters. As per a note from the developer, this mechanic is mainly for people who have nothing else to unlock in the game.

The most noteworthy additions to Vampire Survivors in this patch include the new bonus stage and two new Arcanas. Moongolow is a new stage that you can unlock after unlocking Hyper Mode on all the other stages. Upon loading into the new stage, you’ll find a merchant you can interact with that allows you to purchase some interesting bonuses. We won’t spoil the Arcanas or the relic for you at this time, but you can visit our Vampire Survivors section to learn more about them.

Vampire Survivors is currently available to purchase and play on Steam.