What is the Max Level in MultiVersus?

Is there a level cap in MultiVersus? Here's what we know so far.

The new 2D platform fighting game from Warner Bros. Interactive has been making waves since its open beta release on July 26, 2022. There are 16 characters on launch, and Lebron James was added to the mix a few days after launch. If you’ve figured out your main character, you’re probably looking through the collections tab to see what rewards there are to unlock. There are no rewards past level 15, though, which begs the question: what is the max level cap in MultiVersus?

There are two “levels” in MultiVersus. One is your account level, which continues to increase no matter which character you play, and your character mastery level, which is tied to individual characters. Your character mastery level is how you unlock more perks, badges, profile icons, and more for each playable character in the roster. On the other hand, account levels are based on your overall career, and you gain 100 Gold Coins for every level.

What is the Max Level in MultiVersus?

There is currently no character mastery level cap in MultiVersus. Rewards stop at level 15 for each character, so there is no significant benefit for leveling characters past that point. 

However, this may change in the future if Warner Bros. Interactive decides to add more rewards for levels past 15. For example, the developers may decide to add new perks, badges, icons, and more in-game character-specific unlocks that require higher levels.

Account levels are tied to how much you play the game. You gain account level XP for playing games, so the best way to level your account level in MultiVersus is by playing often.

You can check the MultiVersus leaderboards by tapping your profile icon on the top left and clicking Leaderboards. The leaderboards display the top players for Teams and 1VS1, their MMR, and the account’s most played character. Unfortunately, you cannot view the top character-specific levels from this view.

We’ll keep you updated if things change or Warner Bros. Interactive sheds any more light on level caps.

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