When Will Mei be Back in Overwatch 2?

Mei players are probably wondering when the crowd-control queen will return to Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 has had its fair share of issues since its launch earlier last month. From DDOS attacks plaguing the servers, causing issues for almost every player, to having character bugs that make some fan favorites unplayable. In another unfortunate circumstance, Overwatch 2 temporarily removed Mei from the roster due to a glitch, leading many players to ponder, “when will Mei be back in Overwatch 2?

This comes only a week after Bastion and Torbjorn were added back to the roster for their own issues. While Mei may be sitting this one out, there are a few reasons why this happened.

When will Mei be Back in Overwatch 2?

Blizzard has addressed the issue with Mei via a Tweet, stating that Mae will be back in Overwatch 2 on November 15, 2022. While this news may be disappointing for Mei fans, players will have to choose from one of the other 34 heroes on the roster until then. Hopefully, no more of them will be broken in the meantime.

Why Was Mei Removed from Overwatch 2?

As a damage-dealing hero, Mei is known for her freezing capabilities, including her Ice Wall. Using it allows her to summon a wall of ice that can block enemies’ paths, shield allies from harm, and cause heroes to reach new locations.

This last use for her Ice Wall temporarily landed her on the ban list, as players could use the Ice Wall to propel Mei and her team to locations outside of the map. This gave players an unfair advantage as they could shoot the enemy team but could not be targeted themselves.

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