Where to Find a Spider Head in Smalland

Here's where you can find a Spider Head in Smalland: Survive the Wilds, so you can craft some delicious meals or make the Silkweave Mask.

If you’re venturing into the swamp biome in Smalland, you’ll probably want to craft yourself some of that cool-looking Silkweave Armor. It is going to take some farming to get all of the items, but it’s not all that bad. One item, however, can pose a challenge to obtain. Here’s our guide on where to find a Spider Head in Smalland, one of the required items to make a Silkweave Mask.

Where to Find a Spider Head in Smalland

A Spider Head can drop from Black Widows and Wolf Spiders in the swamp area. The Spider Heads seem to be uncommon drops, as you won’t get them every time you kill one of these spiders. From our testing, the drop rate of a Spider Head is about 20%.

Here’s a map of the location of some spiders that you can kill to obtain a Spider Head in Smalland:

Spider Head Map Location Smalland

As mentioned, the Spider Head is a required item if you want to make the Silkweave Mask from Lisandra. You can also use it to make Spider Stew and a Caramelized Spider Head, two foods that provide decent Nourishment. If you’re looking to craft the latter, you’ll also need a Stone Oven and some Honey Crumble.

If you were having trouble finding a Spider Head in Smalland, now you know how to get one. Good luck out there farming those materials. And if you found this guide useful, you can check out more beginner-friendly guides and detailed walkthroughs in our Smalland: Survive the Wilds section.