Where to Find the Clover Key in Smalland: Survive the Wilds

Learn where to find the Clover Key in Smalland, one of the endgame quest items players can obtain.

The Clover Key unlocks the Walnut Chest and is one of the first tasks the Elder in the starting camp gives the player. In Smalland, the new survival game where you shrink to the size of an insect, you can find many items and loot across the game world. The Clover Key, however, can only be obtained after completing a specific quest that requires you to take on a giant beetle. Here’s a guide on where to find the Clover Key in Smalland,

Where to Find the Clover Key in Smalland

The Clover Key is obtained by defeating the King Stag Beetle. The King Stag Beetle is located in the southeast corner of the map, and its map marker appears after defeating the Black Hornet and speaking with Nuk in the Graylands.

King Stag Beetle Location Smalland
See the circled location for the King Stag Beetle in Smalland

After obtaining the Clover Key, players can travel to the starting area and follow the cave to the Walnut Chest. The Clover Key is used to open the Walnut Chest.

How to Defeat the King Stag Beetle 

The King Stag Beetle is a formidable opponent with a Resistance to Pierce Damage. For this reason, we suggest blunt weapons like the Morningstar or Iron Hammer. To find the King Stag Beetle, head directly south of the icon on the map to find his cave entrance. Bring plenty of meds with you so that you can heal throughout. 

King Stag Beetle Smalland

Players can kite the King Stag Beetle with Bow and Arrow, then attack him with a blunt weapon once he gets close. While his massive earthquake attack does quite a bit of damage, players can easily dodge roll it by hitting left CTRL on their keyboards. There are a ton of Wasps on the path to the Beetle, so you’ll have to defeat those too.

Once players defeat the King Stag Beetle, they will receive the Clover Key, which they can use to open the Walnut Chest back at the starting town. Once they hand in the Scroll to the Elder, they will receive the recipe for Damselfly Treat, which will enable them to tame Damselfly, a flying insect, in the game world. 

Here’s a video of us defeating the King Stag Beetle and getting the Clover Key:

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