Wild Hearts: How to Animation Cancel

Try this if you're tired of getting destroyed by a Kemono mid-attack.
Wild Hearts Bow Animation

You’ll encounter tons of deadly Kemono during your adventures in Wild Hearts, some of which will chunk your entire health bar in a single hit. If you use heavy weapons, the attack animations can be slow and sometimes have a “recoil” animation afterward, which can really mess up your flow and slow things down. You can counter this by using an animation canceling trick with Karakuri. Here’s a rundown on how to Karakuri cancel in Wild Hearts.

How to Animation Cancel in Wild Hearts

To animation cancel in Wild Hearts, you can build a basic Karakuri during your attack at any time. You can implement this into your gameplay effectively in two ways. The first way is to immediately build something if you’re mid-attack and about to get hit by a Kemono. The second way is to build something after your heavy attack to shorten the animation time and perform a subsequent strike more quickly.

How to Animation Cancel in Wild Hearts

Karakuri canceling can be a good thing to master for any class, regardless of your weapon preference. It is especially true if you use heavy weapons, as those tend to be a bit slower and have more weapon cooldown times. Learning this technique will definitely come in handy when you reach the late game and end up facing Kemono that can easily one-shot you.

As a bow user that tends to use the Spring a lot for a basic Karakuri, I found this technique useful after performing the Haya Bolstered Bow 2 shot. You can spring away immediately after the shot and start the next combo quickly.

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