Wild Hearts: How to Do Hunter’s Arm

Here's everything you need to know about the Hunter's Arm mechanic in Wild Hearts, including how to do it and what it does.
Wild Hearts: How to Do Hunter's Arm

Wild Hearts is a fairly complex game with a lot of different in-game mechanics. While there are tutorials explaining mostly all of them, it can be easy to gloss over them and then not understand what’s happening. One example is the Hunter’s Arm technique, which is basically the act of exploiting a kemono’s weakness, and it has many benefits. Here’s how to do Hunter’s Arm and how it works in Wild Hearts.

How to Do Hunter’s Arm in Wild Hearts

Hunter’s Arm is performed by climbing onto a kemono, moving to its weak spot, and pressing the key displayed on the screen. The weak spot is the part on the kemono that’s glowing green. It may not show up until a bit into the fight until you and your team land some heavy hits on the monster.

How to Do Hunter's Arm in Wild Hearts

So, what does Hunter’s Arm do exactly? Well, it’s an easy way to regenerate all your Thread, and get bonus Thread for a limited time. You also replenish Healing Water this way. Most importantly, though, according to an interview with IGN Japan, game directors Mr. Kotaro Hirata and Takuto Edagwa of Koei Tecmo Games confirmed that doing Hunter’s Arm actually increases the drop rate of a Talisman.

“There is an attack called “Beast Hunting Skill” that hits the beast’s weak point, and the more you destroy the beast’s weak point with it, the higher the drop rate, so I hope you enjoy that part as well.”

Wild Hearts Talisman

Overall, it’s definitely a technique you should be using during your hunts. Exposing the monster’s weak spot as much as possible will significantly increase your odds of getting some pretty epic Talisman drops and increase your overall DPS! 

I hope you found this short guide on Hunter’s Arm in Wild Hearts useful. There are a lot of skills to master in this game, and it is easy to overlook certain mechanics like this one!

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