Wild Hearts: How to Make Gold Easily

Don't go broke in Wild Hearts, sell your junk items for Gold instead.

Ah, the most common question in video games — how do you make gold quickly? Money makes the world go round, as the idiom goes. And it’s true in Wild Hearts, the new monster-hunting experience. If you’re dead broke from enhancing your weapons, don’t worry. We’re here to show you how to make gold easily in Wild Hearts, so you’ll never have to worry about it again. 

How to Make Gold in Wild Hearts

While you will naturally obtain gold simply by playing through Wild Hearts like normal, the best way to make gold quickly is by selling your junk items to Kogyoku at the Crimson Treasury in Minako. Junk items have the “Commodity” classifications in your inventory, so you can sell these without worrying about whether or not you will need them later for forging armor and weapons.

Wild Hearts - Commodity Materials to Sell for Gold
Screenshot: Gamer Digest/Wild Hearts

Visit the Crimson Treasury and speak with Kogyoku — choose the option to Sell Items. Go to your Materials tab, and look in the top one to two rows of items. These items should all have the Commodity classification. The tooltip reads, “Material to be sold for money,” followed by a description of the item.

Wild Hearts: Crimson Treasury - Sell Items Vendor
Screenshot: Gamer Digest/Wild Hearts

As stated, you can sell all of these Commodity materials for gold. You don’t need to worry about needing them later, because you will not. These items are strictly junk items that you are supposed to sell to the vendor for gold. And the nice part about them is that fetch a pretty penny! 

Here’s a quick breakdown of what a few of the materials sell for so you can do some quick math to figure out how much you can make:

  • Gold Dust: 700 Gold
  • Gold Ore: 1,400 Gold
  • Rare Ragetail Pip: 360 Gold
  • Prized Ragetail Pip: 1,050 Gold
  • Rare Sapscourge Sap: 480 Gold
  • Rare Kingtusk Seed: 480 Gold
  • Prize Kingtusk Seed: 1,200 Gold
  • Rare Spineglider Brine: 600 Gold
  • Rare Dreadclaw Plume: 600 Gold
  • Prized Dreadclaw Plume: 1,200 Gold

The list goes on, but you get the idea. These itiems drop randomly from kemono and can also be obtained from looting minerals and harvesting materials around the in-game world. It’s totally random, so there’s a good chance you’ll have a bunch in your inventory and not even know about them!

That’s how to make gold in Wild Hearts. I hope this helps you out because I ran out of gold from enhancing weapons when I first started playing. Now I’m Richie Rich, and you can be too!