Wild Hearts: Where to Find Mirror Stone

Here's where to find Mirror Stone, a mineral in Wild Hearts used in weapon enhancement and armor crafting.
Wild Hearts: Mirror Stone
Screenshot: Gamer Digest/Wild Hearts

There are many different types of resources in Wild Hearts, including cooking ingredients, minerals, kemono parts, and more. If you are looking to go deep into the weapon enhancement tree to increase your damage, you’ll eventually need to find Mirror Stone. It’s a mid-game resource, and there’s a chance you may not have uncovered it yet. This guide will show you where to find Mirror Stone in Wild Hearts.

Where to Find Mirror Stone in Wild Hearts

Mirror Stone is a resource found in Akikure Canyon within the cave system northeast of the Stone Buddha Camp. Like other minerals in Wild Hearts, you’ll find Mirror Stone on the sides of rocks and mountains within the cave. 

Wild Hearts Mirror Stone Location
Screenshot: Gamer Digest/Wild Hearts

Mirror Stone is a resource required for a variety of mid-game weapon enhancements. If you’re in desperate need of Mirror Stone in order to purchase an enhancement, I recommend playing through the story and following the main quest line. You will eventually reach the quest called “Seek out the Tsuruhashi master.” 

The quest will ultimately lead you to hunt a kemono called Sporetrail, which is more or less a gigantic plague squirrel. You will find the kemono deep inside the caverns, so continue along the path and keep your eyes peeled for Mirror Stone on the walls of the cave. Sometimes, you’ll find the mineral on the ground as well.

You should easily find anywhere from four to six Mirror Stone inside the caves in Akikure Canyon. Remember, you could also join someone else’s session and repeat the route to get more. Or, you could just reset your own game and head back to the location and rinse and repeat.

There you have it; that’s where to find Mirror Stone in Wild Hearts. If you were wondering where to get this resource, I hope this guide helps you out!

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