Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty How to Beat the Tiger Changgui

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a new soulslike game that can be pretty punishing right up front. One of the first big bosses that you may encounter is a giant white tiger human hybrid called the Changgui. Follow this guide to learn how to defeat him. 

How to Beat the Tiger Changgui in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Changgui is the first real challenge players will encounter in the game and is there to help teach players about the backstab mechanic. Before starting the fight, softly push the Left Thumbstick and sneak up behind Changgui, then hit the Heavy Attack button △ when the crosshair turns red. Performing this attack will take off half his life before the fight even starts. Make sure not to walk over the campfire next to him, as it will alert him to your presence.

From here, players only really need to worry about a few attacks that Changgui telegraphs pretty clearly. He has a multi-hit swiping attack, lunging attack, and air attack that can all be blocked. His special charged attack can be parried to do massive damage to him. When he is performing the swiping attack, it’s best to block since it’s 5 blows in quick succession. 

Players should also fight near the fire — as the Tiger will sometimes walk into it, causing burning damage over time. 

As an important note, killing Changgui isn’t necessary to continue the story, but he is blocking a house — which you access through the roof, that has Lieutenant-General Greaves, a 3-star armor that you can equip. 

Lieutenant-General Greaves Chest Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

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