Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: How to Get More Dragon’s Cure Pots (Health Potions)

If you’ve been dying left and right in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you may wonder if there’s a way to increase your health potions, or Dragon’s Cure Pot, to heal your character for more HP. Luckily, there is, and we’ll show you where to find it in this guide. 

Part of the appeal of soulslike games to most people is the fact that they are difficult. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is no different, and some of the bosses will require players to consume all of their health potions or Dragon’s Cure Pots before taking them out. If you desperately want another heal but don’t know how to get it, keep reading. 

How to Get More Dragon’s Cure Pots in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty 

Players start with 3 Dragon’s Cure Pots, which get refilled each time you visit a Marking Flag in the game. Players can get additional Dragon’s Cure Pots by obtaining Dragon Vein Crystals, then consuming them from their inventory. The first Dragon Vein Crystal you can find is shortly after Zhuyan, the giant hairy white demon, and can be found under a skeleton with a spear. 

Once you pick up the crystal, navigate to your inventory and Use the Dragon Vein Crystal. The next time you visit a Marking Flag, it will refill with 4 instead of 3. 

Dragon Vein Crystal Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

As a soulslike game, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty follows the same mechanics, including healing mechanics, as many other games in the genre. The Dragon Cure Health Pot is no exception, so you’ll have to kill random mobs to find the other Dragon Vein Crystals found throughout the game. 

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