Above Snakes: How to Find the Survivor’s Camp

Finding the Survivor’s Camp is one of the first missions you’re tasked with in the Western-style survival game, Above Snakes. If you’ve looked everywhere but can’t find it, this guide will help. 

In Above Snakes, players must unravel the game’s mysteries by unlocking biomes and meeting interesting NPC characters. Some of the first characters you’ll meet are Sam and Greg Brown at the Survivor’s Camp. However, how to find the Survivor’s Camp is a lot easier said than done. 

How to Find the Survivor’s Camp Above Snakes

To unlock the Survivor’s Camp, players must place a Pine Forest Worldpiece and then research the Survivor’s Camp at the Cartography Table. Select the Unique tab to unlock the Survivor’s Camp, then place the Worldpiece. The Survivor’s Camp costs 4 Rocks and 4 Lumber to research and can be placed next to available Plains blocks. 

Unlocking Survivor's Camp Above Snakes

Once you make it to the Survivor’s Camp, the campaign can continue, and you’ll get to meet the NPCs there, Sam and Greg Brown, as well as pick up a few quests to continue through the main story mission. 

If you are having trouble placing the Pine Forest, it’s because it must be to an adjacent Plains/Pine Forest Worldpiece. Line up the block so that all the sides are green, then the Survivor’s Camp will unlock. 

Above Snakes Pine Forest Worldpiece

Remember, you can always rotate Worldpieces around, so make sure you take full advantage of this when planning out your world. 

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