Above Snakes: Where to Find Feather

In Above Snakes, feathers are an important early-game resource that you’ll need to unlock for powerful constructions like the Cartography Table. Here’s where to find them. 

Above Snakes, the new Western-style survival game, has a lot of different materials and resources players can find in the world. One of the most critical resources for your early game is Feathers. Here’s where to find Feathers in Above Snakes.

Where to Find Feather in Above Snakes

To find Feathers in Above Snakes, Search Pine Trees in the game world. Each time you search a tree, there’s a small chance that a Feather will drop. You may have to check several trees before you can actually obtain Feathers, as a tree is much more likely to produce a Branch. 

Feathers are used for a vast array of different items and constructions in the game, including Ink, a critical resource that you use to construct your Cartography Table. The Cartography Table is required to research new biomes, which will expand the types of materials available to you and will open special areas that you need to unlock.

At the end of the day, Feathers aren’t the most intuitive item to find in Above Snakes. After all, you’d expect them to be on a bird or near a watering hole. Instead, if you shake a Pine Tree hard enough, it will produce Feathers. 

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